This is an collection FAQ for RoH project. We will update it when need arises.

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Q: Factions? computer specs

A: You can change factions and join the group you prefer. The reputation remains the same. Everything runs even on medium/low computer (tested also with 3/4 years old pcs). We've finished more than 80% of the work. The engine and the multiplayer works perfectly, we're adding some features now.

Q: Release Date

A: Summer. Not the final product, but a stable and well synchronized Beta, public alpha was abandoned.

Q: Just a short question: is it gonna work with mods, or only on the "clean" version of the game?

A: Our modification already changes the game in almost every aspect. We don't include other mods or works that are not ours. If the private server hosting will work, you will be able to include mods to your server, but we cannot guarantee the 100% functionality.

Q: With this mod, can you play the singleplayer campaign with friends?

A: Yes, it's both coop and multiplayer. You have and open-world and other players. Also, like I said, there will be many changes. The atmosphere however, will be the original one, the same we all love.

Q: How long you have been working on this project?

A: Six years of work... The engine was pretty difficult for us to adapt. Now we're working on features.

Q: Servers?

A: Public and private servers.

You will be able to register on our site and login in the game. There, you will enter a server. You will have your PDA and you will be able to use it to talk with your friends, set point on the map, watch the characteristics of nearby stalkers, if their PDA isn't offline.

Q: Is there any character and weapons customization?

A: It will be added with the features. Now you can customize your weapon and your armor (this one also by preset colors). A customization in larger scale will be added in the future, as now it isn't of primarily importance.

Q: What is the player capacity for servers?

A: Test server has 64 max, can go even higher. Like 100 or more.

Q: How big is the zone?

A: Maps are glued together, and there is no "changing maps" like in normal game mode. Everything works perfectly.

We'll add structures and vegetation to the black spaces between locations. We'll also add important buildings and some shelters. Two maps with 10 locations, over 20 in total.

It's for now, but when the release comes everything could change.

Q: What languages will you have websites for?

A: English, Italian, Deutsch, Russian and Polish

Q: What happens when you or your partner dies?

A: In this mod you have to survive, and it will be difficult because of a misery economy, bestial mutants, many military soldiers and mercenaries, low ammo and deadly anomalies. When someone dies, his body falls to the ground and the players spawns at the nearest base. Every marauder can loot the body, but you can deposit some loot and money at your base's personal chest (for money) or in a stash (free, but insecure).

Q: PDA and server, how do they work in the game.

A: You will be able to register on our site and login in the game. There, you will enter a server. You will have your PDA and you will be able to use it to talk with your friends, set point on the map, watch the characteristics of nearby stalkers, if their PDA isn't offline.

Q: Stashes?

A: You can buy a secure stash in a base where you can place everything, from loot to money. If you don't want to or simply can't, you have the possibility to create a stash yourself, free, but this one can be stolen

Q: Standalone or do you need original stalker retail/steam version of the game?

A: We'll integrate all in one single installer.I don't know if it will be realized in April/May release, but we plan to offer it with a single installer that premises to play. We have rewritten the engine and soon we'll become almost completely independent from the original game.

Q: Will it be possible to trade with other players?!

A: Yes.

Q: Will there be an English forum with a suggestions board, where developers can review player suggestions?

A: The English site will not be up for a while, but there will definitely be a place for players to post ideas.

Q: Will you add cut factions?

A: Maybe, or even some of our own factions

Q: Is there a way to be involved in the work or to test the stability of the mod?

A: We were supposed to have open alpha. But it was dropped after a few hiccups. We are heading into beta very fast and you should be able to test our game this summer.

Q: Is there going to be implementation of any custom weapons/armor models in the future?

A: Your average NPC will look like stalkers you have used to, players will look way different, because you can wear different armor parts, and totally new armors. Of course this wont be available in alpha.

Q: What are role playing servers?

A: Servers for people who want to role play their character, usually with tighter rule set than in your average server.

Q: What countries are the servers hosted in?

A: Most servers will be hosted in and around Europe/Russia. We are looking into acquiring additional NA servers.

Q: Blowouts?
Blowouts will not be your daily candy, there will be message on PDA about incoming blowout, sirens etc and you have certain amount of time to get safety. Something or someone in the zone could trigger the blowout at any time, blowout is a "zone defense" mechanism after all.

Q: How does the quests work?
A: Quests can vary from 1 player to squad, or bigger stalker groups. Players in most cases have a choice in almost every quest to play it alone or with players. NPC's will often tell the player if the quest requires hired help or if it can be done alone. And we aim diverse quests, spooky atmospheric, raid like or your daily routine repeatable quests.

Q: Weapon ballistics and armor
A: They are realistic as the damage, the armor is being damaged by armor piercing bullets and it gets totally ruined after two -three shoots. We are going for more realistic approach but can change it depending on the feedback of players.

updated: June 21th, 2015.

kazumo - - 1,174 comments

Really nice FAQ, thanks a lot. Covers a lot of the questions people may have!

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SpogZallagi - - 90 comments

Righteous. Glad the beta's being released on my b-day.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ShotgunSurgeon - - 339 comments

Woohoo. Still hoping to be able to swap client-side resources like textures, models, and animations. Go full gunporn, and swap the ugly LR300 for a nice FNC or something. Maybe an M16.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Sn4rk - - 528 comments

"there is no changing maps like in normal game mode"

Thank you for this! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

Yeah everything is 1 big map, or 2 big maps depending if we can't make the limit higher. So in sense there is 1 loading screen between those maps, but think of it as jumping to different continent like in those MMPORPG's. But walking trough underground, labs and such. Or around the map, no loading times.

Reply Good karma+4 votes
0rpheus - - 433 comments

Wow this sounds too good to be true, I absolutely can not wait to try this out!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
SeriousToni - - 626 comments

There will be Coop for the campaign?? Wow so awesome!!! :o

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

Yes, in the future. Think of it like 1-2 years from now. We need to finish the base game first. Also the engine is in our own coding language so its very very hard to people copy that to their own projects unless we provide support.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
SeriousToni - - 626 comments

Oh okay, I thought that would be available in beta already, haha :D So the FAQ is still a bit confusing you see? Maybe you can point out a bit more, what actually will be the available features in the near future / beta / full release (if your time alowes of course!)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lachesis580 - - 72 comments

Will be in the Future a page with Commands etc etc for Scripting and or make Custom Quests?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
bull_the_great - - 68 comments

I don't like the fact that we , english speaking community will be strapped of initial feedback options and game alteration based on our experiences . balance of the game , damage and looting will be a vital part , and I won't stand it if I have to watch being looted by some russian deliquents over and over again and not being able to voice out my opinion and have it be patched ...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Passerine - - 11 comments

Well, I do very dearly hope for an open source release.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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VanDhal - - 2 comments

Hey guys do registering on ROH mainpage and forum is disabled cuz i cant complete it

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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TrhlaSlecna - - 8 comments

I assume this project is dead?

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