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Q: What exactly does this mod attempt to improve?
A: Currently, I'm planning to improve character skins, module skins, skyboxes, dark side transitions, visual effects, music quality, sound effects, lightsaber hilts, menus, and the HUD. In addition, it attempts to add a more cinematic feel to the cutscenes through new dynamic camera angles.

Q: Will this mod included restored content?
A: No. I'm leaving that up to Team Gizka.

Q: Will this mod add new storyline content?
A: No. This simply improves visuals and sounds.

Q: Will this mod fix bugs?
A: No, it will not.

Q: How are textures being improved?
A: In some cases there's complete redos, in other cases just some more texture is added for realism. Nearly every texture is resized to twice its original size. The main idea for the main characters will not change; for example, Darth Nihilus will not have a different mask design, and HK-47 will not be silver.

Q: How much of the game is being reskinned?
A: Nearly the entire game.

Q: Will larger textures make the game slower?
A: Possibly, but not my too much.

Q: Are new sound effects being added?
A: Yes, new sound effects are indeed being added.

Q: Is there new music being added?
A: Most likely not. It will only improve sound quality.

Q: What kind of visual effects are being edited?
A: Nearly every one, including Force lightning and lightsaber flashes.

Q: Can I help with this mod?
A: Most of the work is being done by myself, with some help from a few other modders for things like lightsaber hilts and music improvements. I currently don't need any other help.

Q: Will there be a KotOR Massive Improvement Mod?
A: Yes, hopefully, when this is done.

Q: When will this be released?
A: With some more time in the summer I'm hoping to have it done in July.


Q: Will this be compatible with the Team Gizka mod when it is released?

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To UKCharlie:
i think it will because this mod only edits textures and sound while TSLRP will fix bugs and restore content.

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"With some more time in the summer I'm hoping to have it done in July."

"hoping to have it done in July."

"in July."


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Yes, but he said that in 2009. It was 2011 when you responded, and 2012 now :)
Luckily he says he's back on it as of Nov 2011

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