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Starcraft : Burning Ground 2.00v. Fall of the Gods Update Feature.

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What is Fall of the Gods?

Fall of the Gods is an v2.00 Major Update.

Improvement the few a bad package system, like calling bomber. Overall decreases Experimental Units, and reduced Build Cost. So, much easier looking for Experimental Units. I have a lot more to say, but I'll stop here for today.

Confirmed New Experimental Units list :



KakaoTalk 20140726 193445262

Field Devastator


and Dominion Infested Tychus (what?)

Arachne, Field Devastator both unit Race is still up in the air. Also, weapon forms still not implemented.
I need your help on these Big Units!

Black_Overseer Author
Black_Overseer - - 1,341 comments

i'm run out of weapon form ideas.
because, i poured the many weapon form ideas the Dawn of change and Burning Ground.

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100roj - - 43 comments

Weapon suggestion: Field devastator gets strong anti ground cannons, crushes nearby enemies (has powerful melee attack), but slow and is weak to air attacks

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Black_Overseer Author
Black_Overseer - - 1,341 comments

thanks for sharing your ideas :)

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nuketf - - 387 comments


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Raygoza - - 1,638 comments

Make a real diamondback, as it is a campaign unit it's also can be considered as an unusual unit, it's damage could be explosive as it seems to be stronger against buildings with it's powerful laser and against infantry it's good because of it's damage.
They practically deal twice the damage to armored targets, maybe this can be implemented.

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Black_Overseer Author
Black_Overseer - - 1,341 comments

we can't.

racelee07 said, It is impossible to make the laser with anti-aliasing algorithm.
if makes well, low quality with lagging.
Sahasrahla's Laser is so very clever optimization.
if makes well, low quality with lagging.
so very clever optimization.

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CIS_Razorback - - 319 comments

Your team needs more training. That's why you can't make a laser weapon.

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GAG_Mania - - 59 comments

Hey man. we're amatuer team not pro team.

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KYSXD - - 460 comments

The field devastator looks like a terran-colossus. So maybe it could have an area attack like the Thermal lance (maybe a gatlin gun?)Some thing like this:

Also, by the turret you could add a multi-target missile launcher (only for air units) with a long cooldown (like the Halo's needler).

Maybe for a special skill any of the experimental units could carry small units, like marines or so.

On other things, non of the super units has a siege mode or a stationary mode, so you could give this skill to the field devastator, for example.

Some skills or ideas that could be done are:
-Switch mode (for other unit than the Viking, in Hellion-Hellbat way or like the HotS Thor's payloads)
-Siege mode (for other unit than the S.Tank, in LotV's Liberator way)
-Multitarget attack (in Halo's needler way)
-Borrow movement
-Unit morph (like the hydra-lurker, you could give it to a some unit to upgrade it like giving it another weapon or armor)
-Archon merge (fusing 2 mech/robots to build another another one)
-Emergency deploy (if a big unit it's destroyed, the unit release small unit, like destroying a Thor and releasing a Ghost, as it's pilot or something)
-More deployable units for KMC (but each with an unique rol)

The ideas are verywhere, you need only to think in the theme :)

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Black_Overseer Author
Black_Overseer - - 1,341 comments

I'm thankful for your ideas.
but the Missile Weapon is way overused on Burning Ground Units.

This is very concerning.

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UmekoMashimiKnight - - 61 comments

Are protoss or zerg playable in custom or campaing?

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