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The Lunar Defense Corps, led by Lunarian Princesses Watasuki no Toyohime and Watasuki no Yorihime, pines to subjugate the entirety of Gensokyo, as well as engage in harvesting operations on the Golden Rice to help make them even more prosperous.

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The Lunar Defense Corps, led by Lunarian Princesses Watasuki no Toyohime and Watasuki no Yorihime, pines to subjugate the entirety of Gensokyo, as well as engage in harvesting operations on the Golden Rice to help make them even more prosperous.

Eientei's Backstory:
The Bamboo Forest of the Lost is home to an interesting number of inhabitants - Moon Princesses, Immortal Beings, A Genius Doctor, and so many rabbits, just to name a few. Eientei is a Medical Facility located deep within this spatially confusing forest, where the local physician, Eirin Yagokoro, treats her patients, as well as helps to serve her princesses, Kaguya Houraisan, needs and desires. After the Imperishable Night incident, they began to integrate themselves with Gensokyo, and started making occasional rounds to the Human Village to deliver medicine, offer medical treatment, as well as engage in festivals and other social gatherings.

You would think that when the Golden Rice showed up, things wouldn't change much for these inhabitants. Unfortunately, it made their lives even worse. It was when the Kappa Invasions started that they suddenly began seeing the effects of this new resource. While the Kappa dared not enter the Bamboo Forest, it didn't stop them from causing trouble other ways. Patients were coming in left and right after being attacked by the Kappa - lines were stretching outside the building and deep into the forest. Even with Eirin and Kaguya's Spatial Alteration Magic combined, there still wasn't enough room for all the patients that were coming in, and there was even less rabbits to help tend to them all. Within days Eientei became completely swamped with emergencies.

The patients were causing even more harm than they realized - not to say it was their fault - aside from just taking up room and staff. They were taking up resources, too. Their stockpiles they had stored up were quickly diminishing and almost depleted. Shorthanded and short on resources, Eirin had no choice but to send out some of the local bunnies on staff to gather as many resources as they could and to get back as quickly as possible. The bunnies, however, not only returned with the resources, but returned with grave information as well.

"We overheard that the Kappa are building a Rocket to take them to the Moon." One of the bunnies said, "It seems as if they're planning to invade the Lunar Capital."

Eirin was just about finished with all of the trouble the Kappa were causing. Sending in patients by the boatload was one thing. Causing them to be depleted of resources started to irritate her. But she would be damned if she let this Kappa Invasion Force head to the Moon and create trouble on her Home, even if she was no longer there.

Under direction of both Eirin and Kaguya, Bunnies from Eientei were ordered to sneak into the Rocket Launch Facility and capture the Rocket for themselves, so they could warn the Capital of the potential threat.

Lunar Capital's Backstory:
Years upon Years of History, more years than Gensokyo could ever hope to achieve, the Lunar Capital is a proud Moon Civilization of Transcended Humans, Lunar Rabbits, and the Watasuki Clan. Many groups have attempted to conquer the moon for themselves, but were all driven back by the supremacy of the Lunar Capital's forces.

The Golden Rice did not exist on the Moon at all, but that didn't stop its influence from expanding to the Capital. When Eientei arrived on the moon, they brought a huge stockpile of the rice, and explained to the Capital why they had returned and what was going on down on the surface. The two princesses, Watasuki no Yorihime and Watasuki no Toyohime, were enraged that there was yet another attempt to invade their home and conquer it. It was the last straw that broke the horses back, and they were no longer putting up with it. The Lunar Capital was now resolved to go to war with the entirety of Gensokyo and keep the populace under a tight iron boot to ensure they never think of doing this again.

Watasuki no Yorihime, leader of the Lunar Defense Corps, issued an order to all Lunarian Forces to prepare for combat with Gensokyo below. She sent down a large number of forces as a forward attack force, not really thinking that Gensokyo would overpower them so easily, and left the heavy stuff back at the Capital for the Other War that was going on between them and Another Group.


The Lunar Defense Corps are the Elite Lunarian Task Force guarded with protecting the purity of the Moon and the safety of its inhabitants, formed long ago back when the Earth was still in it's earlier stages of evolution. Unlike the other factions in the War of the Rice, the collection of the Golden Rice is not part of their objectives at all - rather a secondary objective, instituted to help fund their war chest. The LDC Army prides itself on their technological superiority over the other factions on the surface, sporting advanced developments in Laser-Weaponry, Plasma-Weaponry, Hover-Technology, and Warships dedicated for inter- and extraterrestrial combat. Their Orion Landspeeder is the Army's main choice when it comes to basic war tanks - it hovers over land and sea, and shoots a laser that can fry most targets in moments. They're also capable of training Elite Lunar Rabbits, which wield a miniaturized version of the Orion Landspeer's laser weaponry, and also are trained in the art of detecting and neutralizing spies. There also comes a time in the advancement of any army's arsenal that you need to start thinking "around the box" and not just outside it, and that's what the Yagokoro is all about - a heavy Troop Transport that can carry up to 30 Rabbits inside, but is completely defenseless and is extremely slow. And nothing says assured destruction like the Cassiopeia Warship - sporting technology stolen from their Other Adversaries, the Warship is able to assault any target from high up in the Sky on any surface it may reside on.

The Commanding Hero Units of the Lunar Defense Corps are:

  • Eirin Yagokoro, with her Bow and Arrow she is able to cleanly snipe at any unit from a decent distance away. Her arrows are also enhanced so that they can pierce through any tank's armor and kill the driver inside, allowing one of their engineers to take it over.
  • Reisen Udongein Inaba, a unit with a wide variety of uses. From jamming radars, to sniping at units from afar, and inducing lunacy within a wide area and causing another side's units to attack each other, Reisen is literally hell in the form of an adorable bunny.
  • Watasuki no Yorihime, Main Leader of the Lunar Defense Corps, and one of the best units with a sword. Her sword can cut through most any tank in moments, and slices infantry apart even faster.
  • Reisen II, the personal pet of the Watasuki Sisters, this unit is equipped with an Experimental Nuclear-Packed Grenade, which causes massive damage to anything caught up in the blast radius.

The Lunar Defense Corps is composed of two sub-factions, Eientei and the Lunar Capital. Each faction comes with their own unique benefits and disadvantages.

  • Eientei: Earth Rabbits are among some of the cheapest and fastest units in the game, but are not very well armored. Their attacks also aren't very powerful. Calling upon the Eirin's great and vast knowledge, commanders can bring down one of the Orbital Satellites that were decommissioned by the Lunar Capital and crash it into a target. Reisen's ability to induce lunacy was always a marvelous skill, and was harnessed into a weapon that could spread chaos among a large number of enemy units for a short period of time.
  • Lunar Capital: Elite Moon Rabbits are the pride of the Capital's defense; their laser rifles scorch most units and when fully upgraded can leave a heavy dent in even the strongest oni. Gaining full clearance from Princess Toyohime, Lunar Capital commanders, under special circumstances, are allowed to build a replica of the Lunar Veil, which can teleport in a number of Elite Moon Rabbits from the Central Hub. In addition, the princess will authorize the construction of a palace to the most skilled Lunarian commanders. From the Lunar Palace, commanders can summon Meteor Storms to bombard a target location for massive devastation.

While the Lunar Capital is very powerful, some of their weaknesses are very glaring. In their arrogance, they refused to believe that anyone can make it past their basic defenses, so they never saw fit to upgrade to a higher-tier base defense. Their Harvester Unit also requires power to function, due to being a full automated robotic unit. However, they make up for this by having the largest, and most superior air force. Any commander facing them on the battlefield should take great care to prepare a large anti-air defensive array.

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