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Led by the Hakurei priestess, Reimu Hakurei, they fight and exterminate in order to resolve the incident in Gensoukyo.

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The Hakureis mainly consists of fairies who followed Reimu and Marisa as the war rages on and human refugees in the Hakurei Shrine from the Kappa's first invasion. Their main goal is to exterminate their enemies and liberate Gensoukyo from these invaders to cease conflicts and resolve the incident in Gensoukyo. Aside from Reimu, other commanders include a ordinary magician named Marisa Kirisame, a puppeteer named Alice Margatroid, and a drunk oni (ogre) named Suika Ibuki.

Teams and their unique abilities:
- Hakurei Shrine: The Hakurei Shrine can activate a more powerful Force Shield than the other teams, covering larger areas and lasting longer with a heavier cost of time for the base to regain power.

- Forest of Magic: The Forest of Magic can utilize "Shanghai Dolls" made entirely by Alice and use miniature lances which are extremely powerful against infantry. However, they explode when they die, taking every unit caught in the blast including friendly units and their own kind with them.

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An ONI and an OGRE are two diffrent things! Oni = Demon, Devil and NOT OGRE

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