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Battlezone replaces the old ore-grabbing economy system of YR with strategically placed fund-generating structures of varying worth.

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There are three different types of economy structures available. They are very tough to destroy and can provide a place to expand your base.


Exchange - A small 1x1 house-like structure that provides a small bonus and an instant $100 capture bonus.


Commissary - A medium 2x2 office-like structure that provides a decent bonus and an instant $200 capture bonus.


Bank - Large 3x3 skyscraper-like structure that provides a hefty bonus and an instant $500 capture bonus.


Nice Yuri, looking great :3

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Any Scorched Earth strategies involved?

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Yurisarmy Author

Definitely. They're hard to take out but once you do, it puts a serious dent in the enemy's economy and base expansion plans. Garrisonable buildings will also be an important strategic factor in Advanced Mode maps.

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