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Red Alert 3 - Unleashed MOD Team a proud to promote the voice acting skills of DragonNOR.

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VoiceActing Showreel by Stig Sydtangen (DragonNOR)

Here is a short video showreel from DragonNOR, showcasing his voice acting talents - including a sneakpeak at an unreleased unit - the Rover.

Philip Hogg
Mod Leader / Lead Artist
Red Alert 3: Unleashed

LULZferBAKON - - 420 comments

Man hes good O_o

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NiiRubra - - 468 comments

That's solid and professional voice acting right there, I applaud Stig for his great performances.

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GooberTrooper - - 2,197 comments

I'm liking the Rover already. :D

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justgoaway - - 8,208 comments

Ripper X4 voice is my particular favorite.

The "Get me out of here" from the proton tank is epic

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Darkjolly - - 141 comments

God bless your voice stig. You have a bright future ahead.

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DragonNOR - - 567 comments

Thanks everyone :) It's very nice not to mention motivating to see comments like these :D

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Steel_Dragon - - 108 comments

Ubersecret unreleased unit

I lol'ed

but it was really nice voiceacting and quite funny ^^

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stephanovich - - 246 comments

Amazing. Simply amazing.

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K05T4R - - 503 comments

Question, is this the only voice for all of these units ???
I like your voice Stig but wouldnt it be better to have a mix of voices (actors) so its not all the same person just w/ diff inflections etc ?

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RA3Unleashed Author
RA3Unleashed - - 231 comments

When you say 'all of these units' do you mean all the units in the game, or just those in the showreel? We have a team of 10 voice artists who will voice a range of units but we're always looking for more to add diversity. Stig only voices a selection of the units in the game.

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DragonNOR - - 567 comments

Yes, like stated, I'll only be voicing a part of the units and there are at least three other voice actors currently fleshing out the other units :)

I'm a fan of diversity myself, so I'm careful not to overdo it so to speak he he.

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