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First in a series of Bios regarding the new and changed factions of Divide and Conquer.

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Mae Govannen!

Welcome to Third Age Total War: Divide and Conquer submod! As the current writer on the DaC Council, I am proud to present you with some long anticipated information on the new factions of DaC and the major changes to the vanilla factions. As the subject suggests, the first of these faction bios will be for the mighty and proud nation, The Principality of Dol Amroth, as they are my favourite faction. All campaigns start in the Third Age 2980, 39 years before the events of The War of the Ring.

Dol Amroth:
Faction Leader: Prince Adrahil
Faction Capital: Dol Amroth
Best Cavalry Unit: The Knights of the Silver Swan
Best Infantry Unit: Talon Knights
Best Archer Unit: The Archers of the Tirith Aear

So it begins...

Talon Knights in all their glory.

Gameplay Bio: The inhabitants of the Belfalas Peninsula and I Dor-en-Ernil (The Lands of the Prince) are governed by a race of proud, grey-eyed elf hybrids; descended from the Lord Imraz├┤r and his bride Mithrellas. The first Prince, Galador, has left a lasting line that finds itself headed by Adrahil II in 2980, a man of 63 years of Age with a strong love for his homeland. The love of this land of harps, swans, ships and knights is a love shared by all the folk of Dol Amroth and they can turn this love into a terrifying fury when their homeland is threatened.

Dol Amroth has rightly earned the reputation of being the strength of Gondor. From basic footmen to elite nobles, the men of Dol Amroth are clad in strong capable armour which doesn't tire them or hinder their movement. Their horses are second only to the Rohirrim and these mighty beasts carry the fury of Dol Amroth across the plains of Harondor in many versatile battalions. The archers of Dol Amroth give pride to their elven heritage and wield their stout bows with a skill rarely seen in the lands of stone, but it is in the unyielding defensive skill of the ranks of Amrothian infantry that Dol Amroth finds their campaign winning strength. From the lowliest militia to the mightiest grey-eyed knight, they are all willing to die on the battlefield to defend their homeland rather than flee. Arrayed in lines of heavily armoured, pikemen, spearmen and guardsmen, they will hold any battle line and can outmatch their hated enemies of the south in any situation. Should they need some extra fire power to finish the usurpers of Umbar off, they can depend on some truly elite units from the unique aspects of Amrothian life; the defenders of the majestic Tirith Aear march to the battlefield in stout lines of spearmen, archers and infantry. From the coasts come the formidable Haven Guard, grim and determined men who watch over all of Dol Amroth's maritime holdings. Set up in an age long past, the Tarnostian Guard bring unmatched defensive strength to the battle field on both their feet on the backs of the mighty Amrothian steeds. Lastly, from the very heartlands of Dol Amroth come the Talon Knights. These men represent a warrior class not seen on the field of battle since the days of Elendil and scarcely seen outside of the Elven warrior ranks. They will fight against overwhelming odds and stand their ground, they will go toe-to-toe with the fiercest warriors that the scum of the deserts can amass and come out with a smile on their faces and a song on their lips but perhaps most importantly, they will lay down their lives in the defence of their lord. Accompanying the prince and his family onto the battlefield on magnificent horses, draped in the best finery that Dol Amroth can supply, they are a truly terrifying sight to behold should you be lined against them and they are a shining beacon of hope if they ride on the field in your name.

An Amrothian shield wall holds firm against the Southern tide.

Knights of the Silver Swan ride to rescue some beleaguered Mariner Pikemen.

Gameplay Tips: For Dol Amroth, the best defence is a good offence! A wise commander might also be well instructed to use Dol Amroth's superior cavalry in the early stages when Harad and Umbar have only light infantry. Alternatively, a secret voyage down to the Traitors Haven with a fleet packed with armoured Amrothians may well cripple Umbar before they can even sail out of their own haven...

"The wind was in his flowing hair, the foam about him shone; afar they saw him strong and fair, go riding like a swan" - The Tale of Amroth and Nimrodel and the song of the Knights of Dol Amroth

The french translation is alvailable on Mundus Bellicus

Guest - - 688,836 comments

I've started two campaigns with Dol Amroth as I thought them to be really cool. I have to stop both campaigns as it was too difficult for me. I played as easy and was steam rolled by Mordor and Harad both times as Gondor was useless. Umbar i managed to whipe out but still i was strugeling money wise. I was broke all the time and i did not even have two to three special units (which were really awsome) and i got them from doing mini missions. I really did not have money to build them nor their upkeep. So there might be small balance problem there. Also i found that there was huge fleet of Gondorian army just outside of Umbar doing absolutely nothing. Even their homeland were rapped by Mordor. So some minor issues but...
Great stuff. Keep on modding in a free world

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FeanorEll - - 189 comments

Well that means you did some mistakes.
1st Recruiting, keep in mind the free upkeep slots
if your city/castle can train a certain unit it can also host it for free, but only a limited a mount of units can be hosted for free
2nd trade rights, trade rights with every single son of a bitch you will find
3rd sack settlements
I played with thranduils realm and whenever i started a new campaign to, ahem, massacre the shadow of mirkwood i was -11k gold but after a few rounds i was +11k, that's because sacking settlements, and having more economical resourcers, through settlements and trading

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Guest - - 688,836 comments

all my units are called unlocalised placement text please fix this

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Galudirithon Author
Galudirithon - - 762 comments

I realize this is two months late and you probably won't see this but that is because you did something. Please read all available help in the tutorial section and the link in the summary page before saying something is broken.

You will need to re-install or re-download or install in the right location or you didn't run the cleaner or you didn't delete the virtual store.

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