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The first developer diary of Battle Group where we discuss the intuitive controls used for all four platforms

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Check out our first developer diary where we discuss the intuitive controls used in Battle Group.

At its simplest, Battle Group is a combination of the arcade game '1942's gamefield perspective combined with classic 'Missile Command' firing mechanics. On top of this we have added new weapon types, special abilities, scoring systems and a wide variety of opponents for added depth.

When first starting, you will have a single Patrol Boat at your disposal. This ship type will introduce the primary missile weapon. This weapon is activated by simply tapping (Demonstrate) or dragging and releasing (Demonstrate) onto any point on the screen. Your can even do multiple taps for multi-directional mayhem if you desire! Remember, for the best results, you will have to shoot where the target will be not where it is.

This Patrol Boat has 3 missiles with unlimited reloads. You will have to manage your shots wisely.

Later on in the game you will earn enough 'Prestige' to convince the Navies of other countries to donate ships of their own. This will allow you to include a second support ship to your fleet or even new Flagships with two weapons. To fire any of these secondary weapons, you simply tap on the desired weapon then drag out to the desired direction. These weapons require a longer cooldown. Secondary weapons include Naval Guns, Close in weapons systems or even aircraft like the Harrier Jump Jet.

For more information, check out our face book page; we're always posting screenshots, story information and running great competitions. It's also a a great way for our fans to give us feedback! Stay tuned for the next developer diary video coming soon.

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