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Since the Demo was released The Fertile Crescent has been quietly updated from 0.32 to 0.36. Here's a summary of what's been added, plus a notice about upcoming multiplayer functionality.

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It's been a while since the last update! However, I've quietly updated the game since the Demo was released.

Let's explore some of the new features and content that has been added to the game lately.

What the game looks like now

progress 14


Since the demo has been released the main focus has been to introduce metal as an important resource.

metal res

New technology: Metalworking


This technology will let you construct Furnace and train Swordsman.



You will need to mine metal to train this elite unit.



Here you can upgrade weapons and defence for all your units.



Apart from the focus on metal, I've implemented numerous improvements, bug fixes, polish etc.

Examples are grouping units by CTRL+NUMBER, fixing repairing of farms, tweaking the enemy base and difficulty levels, and much more.

Upcoming Multiplayer

The next focus is implementing multiplayer functionality, since this has been much requested by the community.

So far I've implemented the lobby system:

progress 13

I have a plan for how to implement the rest of the network code, but it's hard to estimate how long it will take.


The game has an official Discord channel now:

Feel free to drop by and write a comment!

plumo - - 82 comments

Nice work!
I tried the demo and I was impressed.

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ManaSky Author
ManaSky - - 25 comments

Thanks for the feedback!

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