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At one point in time a while Ago I Mcardwell proposed to Umbrella Secrets that we Rework the old Capture Mechanic

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Tiberium Secrets Mixing up an old Mechanic the detailed version: The Capture Mechanic

At one point in time a while Ago I proposed to Umbrella Secrets that we Rework the old Capture Mechanic, the Testimony that I Gave is that the Capture Mechanic is too Unrealistic (I mean an Engineer enters a Structure and he doesn’t have to deal with the guys inside, ridiculous), and Also it is too Easy (engineer garrisoned APCs bring engineers to base and start capturing things). To Fix both of these Problems I Suggested that we Require the player to Combine their Engineers With Basic Infantry Squads at least that is how some Factions will Work.GDI, Nod, D51, and ASI all have engineer Type units, and they must be combined with a rifle Squad to

Capture Structures, only GDI, Nod, and D51 structures are capturable this way. The ASI Structures are fully Autonomous and do not require management from the outside (ASI engineers will not be able to repair their structures, but Dozers will take care of that function), however this Makes ASI structures exceptionally vulnerable to hacking (ASI as a Whole is vulnerable to hacking). Most Units and structures when hacked are just shut down for a period of time, but with Autonomous Units comes with the issue that they can be hacked and their control systems completely rewritten, meaning when ASI units and structures are Hacked they get captured by the Hacker.

Silly engineer don't you know ASI structures must be Hacked and can't be captured by you.

The Scrin and Colony will be able to freely capture Each others structures, they don't have to worry about Earth Forces capturing their Structures, and as Well they Cannot capture Earth Forces Structures (though Colony may be able to infect structures in a form of capture).

Because we figured it might be too bumming always combining your Engineers with basic Infantry Squads,we gave them extra Capabilities.The GDI Engineer can Be affected By a medical training upgrade, with this upgrade the engineer will be able to heal the members of the rifle squad he is placed in.

Instead of the Nod Saboteur capturing buildings, when thought it would be sporting to make capturing the job of the Confessor. The Confessor must be purchased separate from the militant squad, and then combined, the Confessor will then add his own firepower to the squad as well as increasing their effectiveness.

D51 Engineers have the extraordinary capability to Hack, their Hacking works in the way I stated above, on most it just shuts things down but on the poor Autonomous ASI it captures.

ASI Engineers when combined with their Squads will be capable of Deploying into a small Tech Centrum , which will increase the speed and effectiveness of all ASI units in its range, and decrease that for enemy units, also it acts as a Gap Generator.

Ammonhra - - 2 comments

So, some factions won't be capturable at ALL by others?

Personally, I see that as a blessing and a curse.

When playing C&C games, I try to capture as much as I can in order to build unique squad or garrison combinations.

However, if you take away the ability to capture, that would keep me from obsessively trying to take production structures...

I don't know. Maybe you could have it as a toggleable option... "Realistic capture" versus "Classic Capture."

This is the first I'm seeing of this mod, and honestly, I'm VERY impressed so far!

I can't wait to play it!

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colers - - 51 comments

perhaps just making the building taking a time to capture would be more realistic, and if you send infantry inside the building during this time, they will hunt down the engineer and kill im ( too bad if the captured structure is ur barracks.)

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Arkanium - - 312 comments

I can appreciate that some people find one engineer insta-capping a bit unrealistic, but it's either that or Generals-style basic infantry capture methods. And in real life, army engineers can be pretty bad-***.

The capture mechanics described here sound horribly complicated to make, and will confuse the fun out of a new player.

Fun gameplay > realism.

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colers - - 51 comments

me opinion still is that:

first y sent engineer in building.

building becomes neutral to avoid selling it.

within 15 seconds, the building gets capped

if you sent a infantry into the building, engineer is fckd

if you have some anti infantry at round the building, it will be a flawless vic.

and just to note: what a engineer does even in vanilla is hacking the buildings so the machinery follow their orders. y really think a mammoth is made by people?

and scrin does not use spores, as it also has tech -_-

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narcoutic. - - 128 comments

i have an idea...uhm give the infantry an ability to raid a structure(which will have some time to be done) then the structure will be neutral(any factions will not be able to control it unless) engineers will now able to operate(capture) the said structure and bam! captured! xD ...

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narcoutic. - - 128 comments

maybe this suggestion way too late ! hehe sorry for my bad english :)

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