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This is a brief article about "The Nightmare from Outspace," explaining what the game is about, how it plays, and what are the inspirations.

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The Nightmare from Outspace is a sci-fi third person platformer adventure game. We took the inspiration from games like Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia, where platforming plays a pivotal role. TNFO has gone through a few iterations to reach what we can consider the final concept. At first it was a Tron-like sci-fi test chamber game lke Portal, then we added some horror elements, and when looking for cosmic (Lovecraft) horror inspiration, the game evolved into some old sci-fi type of story that combined ancient alien creatures and a sci-fi setting.

So that's why the current suit has a somewhat Tron look to it (as seen on the previous feature posted here).

As a test chamber game, it was obviously going to be pretty linear, but as the design moved forward we delved into "exploration-driven gameplay" like Metroid, where you can revisit areas you've already been, and reach new areas as you find more power ups and skills. Skills are added to your suit, enabling you to perform different actions.

So, basically The Nightmare from Outspace is a "Tomb Raider meets Metroid, meets Lovecraft" type of game.

The game follows Sanja, our main character, as she explores an abandoned place (we're not sure if it'll be a ship or a space station) and tries to find out what happened there. However, as she explores the place she realizes she's not alone in that place, as there are unspeakable horrors lurking in the shadows (gotta love Lovecraftian descriptions, heh). At that point, what seemed like an exploration mission becomes a struggle for survival.

We also plan to add different endings to the game, and we're figuring out how the different gameplay scenarios would define what ending you get. We are trying to stay away from "binary choice based endings," though. Instead, we plan to use in-game actions and choices to get different endings, very similar to what Silent Hill does:

If that sounds cool to you, add this game to your watch list, share this link and tell your friends about this game. We'll be posting more videos and images so you see how the game progresses.


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"Tomb Raider meets Metroid, meets Lovecraft"

That is everything I love and adore combined <3

Sounds promising!

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