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I responded to your article about guard impact, just FYI. I know you won't get notified of the response...I keep checking to see if anyone else has responded but not yet. I think it is a great idea! BTW..I am enjoying the new build immensely, but have found myself scared to play alone, like I am with almost all the other horror games I have! I am used to the older build and have had a couple good startles because things have changed. It is much scarier and the atmosphere has changed a lot-for the better :D suppose that is both good and's good because you will draw a larger audience with the real fear of a threat and a few jump scare moments looming, and bad because chickens like me only play in very small doses now. I searched for a LP of this game and could only find ones of the demo, and of a much older build (with a goofy guy that played up the lesbianism, and made jokes out of everything like a stereotypical teenage boy). I need to watch an LP of this game so I can prepare for the scares, like I do with other games. I hate being startled, and I know that is ironic given my game choices! That isn't what I like about horror games though-I like the atmosphere, the twisted story lines, the music, and the visuals. If I knew exactly how to make an LP video I would consider doing one myself (without the face cam of course, because I find that distracting from the atmosphere). I have no idea how, but I am sure that I could Google it and figure it out. There really needs to be a full game LP, broken into parts of course, that is serious-ish (at least a bit ;)) fact maybe I will look into doing this! Ok-done with my rant, for now! I'm gonna go play, now that I have worked up some gusto.

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