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The towers available for you to build to defend against the evil army of war machines.

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Whitevale Defender - Defenses - Sneak Peak

A handcrafted, 2d, retro, tower defense game created with love by one person

Welcome to a series of articles that I will be writing that chronicles my adventure in creating this game over 18 months of my life. The game will launch on Friday May 25, 2018. Between then and now I will be writing about 20 articles that describe my 18 month journey and add plenty of details about the game itself.

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Hello everyone. I want to go into detail about the towers you can build to defend your castle while I eat left over chinese food. Mmmmm ginger garlic pork with fried rice.... whoa sorry, getting off topic.

Overall there are 4 structures that you can build. The image below is the Build UI. Each button corresponds to a different structure. You click the button with your mouse then click a space on the map to build it. All right, lets talk about each individual tower.

build ui

Whitevale Defender - Build UI

1) Gatling Defense

The Gatling Defense is your bread and butter tower. It's the first tower that is available to you and it's very cheap to build. So you will most likely fill most of the map with this defense.


Lots of Gatling Defenses

It shoots fast, but does weak damage. So against the tougher enemies you will need something to support it.

2) Surge Defense

The Surge Defense brings support to your other defenses. It does zero damage to the enemies, but its bolt of electricity it shoots out will momentarily slow down the war machines

surge isolated

A few Surge Defenses slowing them down

I'm sure you can see from the gif, this defense does a great job slowing down the war machines, but they cannot stand on their own. You would be wise to pair the Surge Defense with other defenses you build.

surge withHelp

Surge Defense paired with the Gatling Defense ensures no war machines get by

In the gif above, there are 3 Surge Defenses paired with 9 Gatling Defenses. This combo makes sure the faster or beefier enemies cannot just walk by unhindered.

3) Bomber Defense

The Bomber Defense is the most powerful and devastating in your arsenal. It launches a timed explosive towards the war machines that explodes for massive splash damage.

bomber single

A single Bomber Defense taking out 12 war machines with ease

Pretty epic huh? Too bad you can't fill the entire map with Bomber Defenses though because it is very expensive. You can build 5 Gatling Defenses for every one Bomber Defense. It also takes a very long time for it to finish building, and it shoots pretty slow. So yes, it is very powerful, but you must be careful when and where you build it.

bomber multiple

Four Bomber Defenses taking down a group of very beefy war machines

There are some war machines that are very difficult to handle with Gatling Defenses alone. One war machine in particular, dubbed the "Tortoise", moves slowly but has a ton of health. The Bomber defense is essential for taking out large groups of them.

4) Mining Drill

The last structure you can build is the Mining Drill. It's technically not a defense and works a little differently from the other structures. Whitevale Defender is also a game about managing your resources. If you can some how get more resources then you can build more defenses, right? Well that's where the Mining Drill comes into play.


Two Mining Drills collecting minerals from deep underground

You build Mining Drills on top of Mineral Stones (those rocks with the red spiral on top) and the drills will automatically start collecting minerals (your primary resource) for you over time. They are absolutely essential in order to beat the game. Without them you simply cannot build enough defenses. But you must be careful when and how many you build because they are expensive. You may have to make some short term sacrifices in your defenses so you can win in the long term.

Those are the details on each defense. I hope you're getting excited to build them yourself when Whitevale Defender launches on May 25, 2018 (just 37 days away) on Steam, Itch, and Gamejolt. Stay tuned for an in-depth article on each Tool within the game.

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