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Answers some of our community's more pressing enquires about the Dawn of Coalescence mod.

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How many factions does DoC offer?

59 armies are in-game as of right now.

How is DoC different from other “titan mods”?

The first thing you’d notice about DoC is its plethora of armies with unique styles,
strengths, weaknesses, units (or variations of “common” units), mechanics, etc;
whilst most other titan mods have 7-12 armies around, DoC offers far more, an
immense variety that ensures almost all fans of the Warhammer 40000 genre are
catered to with their favorite armies.

More so, DoC introduces a host of new game play mechanics, such as destructible terrain,
space assets, trench systems, and so much more, with DoW’s regular game play
absolutely revolutionized in manners previously thought impossible.

The next factor would be that DoC is a far more “true-to-scale” mod. No longer are
Guardsmen taller than the Chimera they are meant to be occupying, or unrealistic
events in terms of fluff occurring to the same degree as they have previously.

No, most armies come in great hordes now, with thousands dying in an average match, and
now only players of SM, CSM and a certain few other factions can expect only hundreds
of casualties in a match.

This is not due to imbalanced CSM or SM armies, but simply to adhering to the fluff and,
whilst having fewer numbers in a Marine squad for the CSM or SM, but more

Thus, practically all the Tabletop 40k, Epic, Battlefleet Gothic as well as concepts
from various novels and other media, are represented in one mod – DoC is no meager
“titan mod”, or “merge mod either”.

I’d like to see army X, but it isn't in the mod. Should I be worried?

The answer is: no. Once we have the 59 beginning armies more or less perfected, we will continue on to release expansions of 10 armies at a time, with the community getting to vote on what armies get some of said “spots".

Now, the most asked question: “when will the mod be released?”

Release details are under wraps so far, but be assured, release may come sooner than you anticipate.

Any chance my idea for a fan-fiction race/army will be incorporated?

In the far future, maybe - but we are speaking years from now, and our immediate priority is the canonical armies of Warhammer 40000.

Wow! So how many factions are you planning for at the end?

That’s where the mod team’s opinions are vague. Most of us, if not all desire to get up to around 100 armies, but whether to push beyond that number is not a fully concluded upon matter. We’d also like to have a huge meta-map online (and hopefully singleplayer) campaign consisting of an entire sector to be battled over, and DoW 1-style campaigns, so any mappers are most welcome to join the team or drop by and give us a helping hand.

Sounds great, but with 59 races, many of them never seen before in DoW modding, isn't there going to be a lot of placeholders ?

I will not obscure the truth; DoC has around 200 placeholders, if not more. Many of these placeholders are merely special hero characters, but some are more troubling to behold, such as vehicles, or even basic infantry models.

We’ve been working hard to reduce the number of placeholders with new models, and since May, we have dropped the number of placeholders down by 125 now, and I am confident that DoC can
continue to drop the number by another 30-40 placeholders before release.

There seems to be a lot that needs to be done. Is there something I can do?

Yes, we most certainly need YOUR help, ANYONE with skills other than just beta-testing, such as
mapping, A.I coding, OE expertise, etc. is welcome to join the mod, providing they prove themselves to us beforehand.

With your help, things will progress a lot more quickly and much more solidly.

- Dawn of Coalescence Team.


I would assume that this mod is for all of the first 4 dawn of war games?

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Sorry for the late reply, this FAQ isn't exactly very frequented it'd seem.
Dawn of Coalescence is being developed for Dawn of War: Soulstorm only.
You may be worried about the limitation that requires you to install all previous DoW 1 titles to unlock the vanilla races on multiplayer, but there's an little useful program that allows you to trick the game into believing all games are installed, while only Soulstorm is. You can get it here:
Or here (it's in German, but the dl links work):
Download link mirror:
Additionally, Dawn of Coalescence currently adds OVER FIFTY ARMIES to the game, so you could afford to say "7 armies less in multiplayer... little deal".

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the unlocker isnt working the key.req wont insert itself into my system
please help

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Mmmhhh... The "key.req"... What was that again? I didn't make that software so I'm not to be either annoyed in case of bugs (shouldn't be any though) nor praised if it works.
Do you get a warning sign saying "the key.reg data could not be inserted on the registry"(or similar)?
Take note I said reG, not reQ. If this is the case, try running the program with administrative privileges from an "UAC-free" location such as your desktop (and not inside the Program files folder in C:\).
Also, you do NEED the ORIGINAL keys (as in, the ones you purchased) of Dawn of War, Winter Assault and Dark Crusade. The unlocker won't get these for you and using fake ones literally defeats the purpose, as they will get detected online and the races (and even your Soulstorm game itself) locked back.

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Another question:
Will it be available a patch for another languages in the future?

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I'm not in charge of executive decisions in the mod, but given the the size of the mod and the fact that nobody in the team speaks a non-English language AND is willing to translate the mod, I'd say it's extremely unlikely.
Afaik I'm the only one who _could_ hope to translate stuff as I speak Spanish, but... Ohh no! No! I'm not translating THAT much text and even less if it's W40k-related.
W40k stuff looks plain dumb in Spanish >:I

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If you need any help i could translate it in french, i want to help the mod-team, but i'm not good enough in 3D and textures so ... translation, why not ^^
Anyways a really incredible mod, please don't let it die, i know it's long and dificult and guys don't thank you as much as you deserve it, but i think you can count on some of us to give you any help if you ask for it.

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Hey i was just wanting to ask if this project is still in production or has it been turfed? cheers :)

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this mod dead? why?

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