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Crusader Kings III is easier to obtain than ever with Humble Choice, so here's five CK3 mods either out now or coming in the future!

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Crusader Kings III is now a part of the monthly subscription-based service Humble Choice - opening up another Paradox title to user involvement. Paradox keeps being in our editorials as of late because they keep doing newsworthy things, but that's fine by us, because Paradox are also one of the few larger companies still embracing modding for their mainline titles in 2022 - so here's five mods for CK3 to follow if you plan to take advantage of the Humble Choice offerings!

Godherja: The Dying World

By Godherja Dev Team

Agionist Armor and Helmet Teaser

Godherja: The Dying World is a total fantasy conversion mod that is set in an original dark fantasy world poised on the edge of the end times. After killing their god in ancient times, humanity has once again shaken the fabrics of reality through the use of world-shattering magics. The world is now dying, and as tribes migrate to the last lands of man and ancient empires crumble, reality itself hangs in the balance. Will you save the world, or end it?

Caucasus In Focus

By xvicha123


Cultural upheaval and the differences between nations of different peoples are front and centre in Crusader Kings III - finding the way to reconcile differences, or survive when those differences prove irreconcilable. Mods like Caucasus In Focus enhance this sandbox with more cultural variety, touching upon local ethnicities to expand the variety of gameplay situations players can encounter.

Warcraft: Guardians of Azeroth 2

By Warcraft: Guardians of Azeroth Modding Team

Voodoo Mask

Total conversions of Crusader Kings to bring to life other fantasy franchises have been a staple of the modding scene for the games for many years, and one of the most anticipated is Guardians of Azeroth 2, a sequel to a project of the same name for CK2. Having placed in our recent MOTY, they've kept up a steady stream of updates and progress, and CK3 is almost worth getting just for the chance to play a finished Guardians of Azeroth 2 in the future!

Apotheosis: The Hellenistic Age

By Apotheosis: The Hellenistic Age Development Team

Apotheosis: The Hellenistic Age

It is the year 275 BC. The calm before the storm. In the lands of Greece and Macedonia, the people are able to enjoy a brief respite after pushing back the tide of Galatians who invaded and plundered their lands four years ago. However, this peace is not to last long—the ever-ambitious Pyrrhus of Epirus, now returned from his Italian campaigns, eyes up the kingdom of Macedonia and the whole of Greece for himself.

Eragon Total Conversion Mod

By Isabeau

Image 9

Eragon is a fantasy franchise that isn't as often represented in the many modding scenes focused on medieval or fantasy games - it's not got quite the same name power as Lord of the Rings, which dominates more often than not. However, its fans are dedicated, as can be seen with this conversion mod placing you in the works of Christopher Poalini to choose the fate of Eragon's world!

Humble Conquering

Crusader Kings 3 is another franchise from Paradox Interactive - who have had a great showing in our articles as of late! - that once again commands players to, well, command others. Decide the fate of medieval realms, walk a careful line between different national allegiances and cultural biases, and choose what faction you're going with to the endgame. Humble Choice has opened up another way to dig into CK3 if you're already subscribed to Humble's monthly game program, or thinking of signing up.

Crusader Kings III

Realms Deep is a celebration of the retro revival genre of games headed primarily by indie developers

Kingly Stuff

Humble Choice costs about £10.00 GBP/$12.00 USD a month to sign up, getting you CK3 immediately to keep forever and a handful of other notable titles too. New stuff crops up all the time, so whilst checking out the latest bundle might be all you need, going the extra step can yield its own benefits for Humble customers looking to get bang for their buck.

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