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Excerpt from the interview with Colonel D. Mansdorf Archive link 23 / sd234

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Concept of Kernet Power Armor

Excerpt from the interview with Colonel D. Mansdorf, archive link 23 / sd234

Colonel D. Mansdorf:
That’s simple. ‘Kernet’ just a suit. Without operator it will be hang on his stand eight hundred years or whatever, until it becomes useless. Only a person can make it work. It’s like a kitchen knife. You can cook great salad using it or you can kill someone with it. On the other hand, me as a military man, I’m telling you straight – ‘Kernet’ is quite good as a combat exosuit. It can be easily upgraded and really increasing operator’s strength. With this almost all heavy weapon is available, data and signals interception, communications damping, also short raids to the locations of a potential enemy and fast assault operations. You know, as for me it's much more better than an army exosuit. If I must choose between going to battlefield with ‘Kernet’ or without, I definitely will choose ‘Kernet’.

Interviewer W. Beattie:
Have you used it in battles?

Colonel D. Mansdorf:
Unfortunately, we have.

Interviewer W. Beattie:
And how it was? What happened?

Colonel D. Mansdorf:
We won.

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