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Mercenaries are units that don't swear an allegiance to any of the factions in the War, but will offer their services to those willing to pay their prices.

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Throughout the War of the Rice mod the player will come across quite a few structures in the field resembling some familiar locations from Gensokyo. It is possible to send an Engineer into these buildings and build special Mercenary inits. While they don't swear any loyalties to any of the four factions in the war, they will lend their services to any of them that are willing to pay their price.
These are some of the potential mercenary structures you are likely to come across, and what you will be able to use from them.

Grilled Lamprey Stand:

  • Mystia Lorelei
  • Wriggle Nightbug
  • Rumia

Village Schoolhouse:

  • Keine Kamishirasawa
  • Fujiwara no Mokou

Frozen Palace:

  • Cirno
  • Daiyousei

Heavenly Celestial Palace:

  • Tenshi Hinanawi
  • Statue of the oarfish
  • Iku Nagae

Aki Residence:

  • Owatoshi Harvester (Support Superweapon)

Garden of the Sun:

  • Medicine Melancholy
  • Yuuka Kazami

Tengu Outpost:

  • White Wolf Tengu
  • Aya Shameimaru (Support Superweapon)
  • Hatate Himekaidou (Support Superweapon)

Underground Tavern:

  • Yuugi Hoshiguma
  • Yamame Kurodani
  • Parsee Mizuhashi

Sanzu River Docks:

  • Komachi Onozuka

There will be likely to be more mercenary outposts across the game, but these the ones confirmed to be in it.

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