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A lot of people are asking similar questions lately, so I thought I'd clear things up a little.

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A lot of people are asking similar questions lately, and a lot of people are making the same comments too, so I thought I'd clear things up a little.

"Will there be a demo?"

Yes, the release will be a demo, unlockable to full game when you purchase.

"Do I pay for updates?"

No. The first release will be $10USD. Its only $10 because it is unfinished. All updates are free after that, so you pay your $10 and thats it forever. You are then entitled to free updates until you have the finshed game. Pay $10, thats it forever.
Over time the price may go up as the game gets more finished, so if you buy it sooner, its cheaper, and also you are helping me out more.

"There is no blood? Why no blood?"

There will be lots of blood, but as its really just a cosmetic issue, I will leave all that for later.

"Is it a MMORPG? Is it multiplayer?"

No, its single player only.

"The terrain is all empty! Its just an empty desert with nothing in it! It has no shadows! I've never seen a game without trees before! Etc."

The game is not finished yet. I don't have time to make it pretty when I'm working on core mechanics. When I finally hire an artist, I'll get him to fix everything up real nice. The terrain will be varied, and full of scrub, grasslands, rocks, dead trees, water, and all sorts of nice things.

I did have stencil shadows, but not any more.
I did have some simple stencil shadows, but then I needed the stencil buffer for something else. Something sexy.

"So if I get wounded I have to limp all the way back to town, across miles of desert?"

No, you can heal up to an extent wherever you are and from that point on you will recover slowly. You can also take temporary measures to fix up limbs enough for you to get back to town/base quicker, though that will slow down healing. On top of that, in a later release there will be a fast travel option on the world map (similar to the map screen in the original fallout games).

"Its set in Japan!"

It is not set in japan.

"Where/when is it set?"

I'm not telling you.

ZPower - - 180 comments

Please, stop torturing and let me pre-order already. ;_;

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dowdpride - - 144 comments

yes, i share zpower's sentiment!

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IamFuzzles - - 1 comments

Where will we know when and where we can pre-order? Loving the project, and will be purchasing for sure, and probably donating more when I get some more cashflow

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Renegade2 - - 184 comments

Sounds great man! cant wait to buy it

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Renegade2 - - 184 comments

i hate to double post but where and when can we buy it?

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walltar - - 2 comments

I am pretty sure there will be news on this site when we will be able buy the game. I'd say it will be in a month or two.

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davo001 - - 1,414 comments

thats good news. one thing that was making me unsure was that i didnt know if i would have to pay for the successive updates after buying the first alpha.

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Tastyrice - - 255 comments

Well damn, here I go thinking this was going to be set in cyber-punk Tokyo City... so like when am I allowed to give you guys my money?

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RaGod - - 488 comments

I would love to see some guns, and to give you guys money! :P

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Guest - - 693,282 comments

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Bitrip - - 22 comments

Tracking. =D

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niallhalloran - - 8 comments

One of my most anticipated Indie games. Good Luck! you can sure as hell add me to the preorder :P

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Roh - - 373 comments

I wouldnt rush him on the preorder. Would luck for everyone to get the game without enough features functional to keep everyone interested.

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pusface2 - - 3 comments

hi I tryed the free downloed and it did not work I had lots of memory to hold my real question is what are the best pc/laptops to use to play the game and big fan of game:D

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Zombiestubble - - 356 comments

I don't know if this is a frequently asked question or not, but it is a question nonetheless, and it hasn't been answered here:

What sort of effort are you going to put towards non-human creatures? Can we expect realistic fauna, such as "Boars" and "Wild Dogs", or will there be semi-realistic creatures like grossly enlarged, dangerous animals like "4' Scorpions", "Carnivorous Elephants", or even "Dinosaurs"?

I already know there's no magic, and probably no radiation either, so mutations would be nearly nonexistent, and there wouldn't be any elves or trolls. That being said, if there would be implementations of semi-realistic animals, it would have to exist on a different planet, or centuries in the future where previous nuclear activity and experimentation was enough to change an entire species.

Judging by the images you have uploaded, there have been very large animals around at one point or another, and my guess is that one day you will come across one that is very hungry.

I still want to know if I can kill boars for pork chops though.

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