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Eleventh Bio for the new or updated factions of Divide and Conquer.

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Welcome to Third Age Total War: Divide and Conquer submod! As the current writer on the DaC Council, I am proud to present you with some long anticipated information on the new factions of DaC and the major changes to the vanilla factions. This bio is of the Clans of Enedwaith and their rise to prominence. All campaigns start in the Third Age 2980, 39 years before the events of The War of the Ring.

Clans of Enedwaith:
Faction Leader: Moot-Lord Tremac
Faction Capital: Alcfud
Best Infantry Unit: Guardians of Alcfud
Best Archer Unit: Foresters of Haleth

So it begins...

The Guardians survey the battlefield in all their majesty.

Gameplay Bio: In a land long forgotten and forsaken by the other races of Middle-earth, a quiet and peaceful fisher folk begin to stir, feeling the fates of the world start to change they rise to exact a revenge that has been lurking in their hearts for 5000 years. In an age long past, remembered only in song by the sons of Númenor, the lands of Enedwaith were a place of wooded beauty and opulent life but then the sea-folk came from the west, landing on Enedwaith's shores, they had an insatiable lust for the resources of the land and one by one the trees and forests began to fall. The Ancestors of the Clans could do nothing against this powerful and awe-inspiring foe, they had only their raw courage and pitiful weapons so, knowing they could not stop the Númenoreans, they waited and now their wait is over! Arnor is no more, its people hold less authority than the Clans and the Gondorians of the west have grown fat and lazy whilst their eastern kin are slaughtered by the day, now is the time to rise, now is the time to exact our vengeance, now is the time of the Clans!

Their warriors have long awaited this day and sensing the weakness of Gondor, the Clans set aside their differences and convene a Moot, the first moot in thousands of years. They elect a new Moot-Lord, the mighty warrior Tremac, and under his hand all the Clans, save for the pathetic Saralainnians in their fortified port of Lond Daer, unite in order to best their superior foe. The Clans closest neighbour, Dunland, are too busy with their futile feud with Rohan and so it falls to Tremac to show the world that Enedwaith will not stand against the treachery of ages past! He calls on many and many come. From the rivers Gwathló and Angren come the Fishermen of Enedwaith, although they are poorly armoured sword and shield wielding barbarians they do have one great skill; their keen eye and long fishing poles. They use these sharp poles to launch a barrage of fire upon encroaching enemies, often impaling many men at once and leaving the battleground a blood soaked horrifying scene. Also from the river regions come the battalions of rivermen. Years of fighting each other has led these men to favour defence over attack and their spear battalions wield enormous shields which they use in solid wall formations appearing nigh on unbreakable! They also have developed groups of keen archers; who have simple yet effective bows and groups of swordsmen armed with smaller shields but keen swords for breaking the lines of shield walls and slashing about their foe with a ferocity not seen in Gondor for many years. In order to ensure his position as Moot-Lord and to better protect Enedwaith's only real settlement, Tremac ordered the creation of two special units. First of all, fearing that their rise would spark a terrible reaction from the Rohirrim, Tremac arranged his most able men to form into a group of solid and impenetrable pikemen, taking the name of 'Moot Wardens' they are some of the best of Enedwaith and they have proven their strength in battle, running their long pikes through many a silly Rohirric scouting force. To support the flanks of these pikemen, Tremac saw to it that the finest warriors of Enedwaith and many sons of Chieftains and Lords form into a battalion of dependable and majestic Axemen; the 'Moot Keepers'. Stationed alongside their brethren in Alcfud, they soon came to develop a reputation as the finest warriors in all of Enedwaith, time and time again they repelled enemies from the gate of Alcfud and have ensured the uneasy peace between the clans has endured. For the first time in 5 millennia, the Clans are united, they have a brilliant tactician at their head and they finally have the strength to fight back. Their list of enemies grows long; the proud and ignorant sons of Númenor will be the first to wish they had not forgotten the Clans, the Elves of Lindon look down upon the Clans and those self-righteous, harp playing ponces will be shown that the Elves have no place in this world and finally, the peaceful Bree-land mocks the clans with its ignorance of the affairs of the world, may the Clans e the first to show Bree that their is plenty to fear. From the Rivers they come, from the fields they come, from the forests they come; all will answer the call, for the Clans of Enedwaith!

From behind the shield wall the men of Enedwaith rise.

Axemen clash with the scum of Gondor.

Gameplay Tips: The clans have many options available to them but despite their age long feud with Gondor, it is wiser to turn your attention to the north. If you leave the north unprotected then the Elves of Lindon will wash you away, also, if the Bree-landers are not properly maintained they can muster quite a force and will deal Enedwaith a great hurt...

Well, I hope you have enjoyed these eleven different introductions to the new factions of Divide and Conquer! This is sadly the last one but if you thoroughly enjoyed them and would like me to give an intro of another faction then feel free to leave me a request! Also, let me know which ones were your favourite and I can take that writing on into the mod itself. Now get playing the mod and let us now of your exploits in Middle-earth, how you find the mod and most importantly who is beating who! If you need a hand or anything at all regarding DaC, don't be afraid to PM me here or over at Total War Centre. On behalf of the DaC Council, I Councilmen Arachír Galudirithon hope you have enjoyed these bios and we hope you will enjoy DaC!

Arachír Galudirithon
Einior e-Hûd'oll DaC

The french translation is alvailable on Mundus Bellicus

King-Turgan - - 10 comments

Thank you sir, they were beautiful.

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lolfifacoins - - 2 comments

Can you do a review of Mordor?

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Galudirithon Author
Galudirithon - - 762 comments

I can certainly try, I absolutely hate Mordor and I never play as them but I can indeed do a Mordor one. Be aware though that they have very little changes except to their unique settlements.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
lolfifacoins - - 2 comments

thanks even if there are only a few changes it would still be useful to me if you could do one

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
jedi7000nathan - - 449 comments

The few changes include limiting you to two Nazgul

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Galudirithon Author
Galudirithon - - 762 comments

Jedi, if you detest the mod so abhorrently, then don't play it. Or better yet, learn how to make those changes yourself and then you have no problem. The Council is discussing the Nazgul and will make a decision in time, most likely favourable to your cause.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
jedi7000nathan - - 449 comments

I don't detest the mod at all I just think it needs a few improvements to make it more in line with lore, incidently like the bios, a good one would be for the new scripts in the mod to help players better understand them

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Mr_F1sh - - 1,134 comments

a review about the easterlings maybe?

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SuperTechmarine - - 15 comments

I second this.

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Guest - - 696,643 comments

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