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Here is the Readme for the CJG Star Trek XI Pack 1.0. It is released in 2 Versions. One for Stock Legacy and one with specific refinements for Ultimate Universe 2.x.

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For Details on both Packs visit:
For Details on Ultimate Universe visit:

ChrisJones Gaming ST XI Addon 1.0

The CJG XI Addon is released in 2 variants. The one version is setup for use for Stock Legacy and should work with pretty much any version of Legacy. The other version is setup for use with the Ultimate Universe Mod 2.0 and includes use of the enhanced special effects available in it.

Models by Baz1701 originally seen in BC included as part of the XI Addon Pack:
XI Connie
XI Constellation
XI Armstrong-A
XI Kelvin-A
XI Miranda
XI Kelvin
JJ Romulan BOP
XI Narada
XI Starbase
XI Shuttlecraft
The above models are very close to their BC releases.
Additional ships Kitbashed from Baz1701's models done by Muldrf:
XI Hermes
XI Saladin
XI Mayflower-A
XI Newton-A

All models have ship icons as well as spec, bump, and glow textures, except the Starbase has no glow textures.
All models have light sprites, except the Narada. They feature custom blinker patterns, and the Shuttle has custom "mini" lights to better fit it's "small" size.
All models have destruction chunks, except the shuttle.
All models have Subsystem Target and Destruction Hardpoints Points for use with the Subsystem Targeting feature and subsystem destruction damage effects.
All Models have Low poly damage meshes on the models to help limit system impact from to the high poly ship models, except the Narada which isn't overly high poly count.
The Federation ships, including the shuttle, each have 4 unique registries.
The XI Connie based ships and the Shuttle feature animated bussard textures. The XI Connie based ships also have "nearly" transparent domes over the bussards.
The Narada features animated textures on it's "engine area".
The Starbase is a working docking station for Repairs, when it's Friendly. If it's an Enemy Station, don't get too close ;)
All ships, except the Narada, have Breaknodes for Nacelles and have plasma emitters, which is a plasma leak effect at the pylon. The Starbase has a breaknode that activates on destruction that cause it to breakup on destruction.
I took care to minimize "Lights" showing through the hull of the models, it's not perfect on all ships, but you should see the lights through the hull very little. I also took care to minimize the "Photon Circling" problem that can often happen with ships in Legacy. It's not perfect, but it's a good improvement compared to not minimizing it.
I have also included a deathmatch map titled XI Starbase 102. This map is based on the stock prettymovementmap with some overall minor changes. It's been maded into a Deathmatch map and the XI Starbase is located by the Player 1 spawn point. It should show up as the last map in the Deathmatch maps list, press the "<" arrow to jump to it quickly on the map selection.
The mod is packed with an updated version of my ModInstaller utility. It's a self extracting installer. The only requirement is you must have Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 installed (standard on Vista and Windows 7).
Just run the downloaded .exe file and point it to your Star Trek Legacy folder. You can pick to install the ships to the "Regular" Races or to the "Multi Era" race, or pick a different race for each ship.
Credits to:
Baz1701 for all models and all textures except the retexture for the JJ Shuttle
Sovereign001 for JJ Shuttle Retexture
Muldrf for Porting of the ships to Star Trek Legacy and odf coding
MirisHot for the Kelvin and IX Connie Fleet weapons, and UU Edition effects
Zube1337 for the Narada Photon Torpedo
Special thank you to:
Baz1701 for giving permission to port these models to Legacy. Also to Sovereign001 for permission to use his great (as usual) retexture for the JJ Shuttle.

Original BC Releases of the models: (Not For Legacy!)
Baz1701 JJprise and fleet version 5.0
Baz1701 Kelvin 2.0
Baz1701 JJ D7/Ktinga
Baz1701 JJ Romulan BOP
Baz1701 Narada 1.0
JJverse Dock 'StarBase 1" (2.0)
Sovereign001 JJ Shuttle retexture 3.0

Any modification of this pack should be cleared by the author of the part / parts being altered.
BAZ1701 and Sovereign001 can be reached through BC-central
Muldrf can be reached through the CJG Forums

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