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Mhm here i will go a little bit deeper into the Classes thath you can choose between in our game =) if you have idea's for some of them or even a completly new well thought one then please, tell us...

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Acolyte (Monk/Priest/Enchancer):

This will be class there you have fight with the power of god and a little bit of a meele fighter, and you even have some spells to power yourself up.

You will have to fight with you spirit, so this class spezializied on meditation and silence, but if it comes to an fight he is very talented, he can open Special Enegry-Gates in His Body and so he can somehow change the flow of this Energy, that was he can Hardned his muscles to an extreme rate to biuld up an imenssive defense but with a high risk, or he can speed up his movement or conecentrate on a final attack (one of the strongest in this game). He's is an allrounder class if played right but only if you can play this class!!.

Weapons: "Fist's,Two-Handed Staffs,Books,One-Handed Mace's"
Uniquie-Abilities: "Asura - An Final attack that he can only use if he is in his highest concentration grade and if he has 5 Combo-Points", "Mental-Transmition - He Speed's hisself up to a level so high upon he wont be visible for a normal eye and so it seems like he can teleport hisself a short way", "Occulsion Impact - He channels the energy of the Enemy and will strengthens him until its too much for his own body and explodes... (makes morde damage if the enemy has very much stamina because more energy will be concentrated)
Role: "Damage, High Reaction's for fast placed Boss battles"

The Priest as a Voice of God is here to Heal and help there he can and to bring justice over the bad so he also has the might to destroy everything bad... All-in-all he is not very tough but he will be very usefull against undead and demons and his will to stay alive and to help will be a must for long battles!

Weapons: "Staffs,Books,One-Handed Mace's""
Uniquie-Abilities: "Exorcismus - He will create a holy field where all undead's will be punished, this field stays there for around 12 seconds and if your lucky you can even kill big monsters only by that", "Redemptio - The Priest will sacrifice himself to revive everybody good around him (can be a very good combination with a paladin to interrupt the sacrifice)", "Basilica - Will Create a field of Peace there everything inside is immortal"
Role: "He should keep the group alive and strengthens them but he must also use his power of immortally on the right time to surive hard battles"

He was once a Acolyte like the others but hee felt for himself that god wasn't the right vor hm and so he decided to go over to the shamanism and combined what he learned there with his knowledge of the holy and god... So he become a proven man in medcine and healing but also empowering the strength of the spirit

Weapons: "Staffs,Daggers,Mace's,Chronospherical-Chains"
Uniquie-Abilities: "Imposito Manus - He Strengths the Will of the whole group and allows them to make 50% more damage", "Medicine Knowledge - His Knowledge in shamanism medicine lets him use the expirience that he got over the years in his battle's and so he can make special potions that will even keep long dead people alive even if it should shorten their live afterwards...", "United-Spirit - He can learn about other classes on his journey and everytime he fights with them he gets expierence (So this class is used to be played mainly if you think thats the right thing for you) and he learns about the problems of everyone and gets the ability to turn them arround and to make it to their strength's (for example he could enable the wizard to concentrate on his magic even if he walks)
Role: "The Enchancer gets better over the time so you should take him as often with your group as you can, so he can help you better in future battles then it gets harder"

Bowman (Ranger/Beast-Tamer/Barde/Hunter):

Here you will fight mainly with a bow like the name says, and you will experience a shooter-like feeling, but you will also get connection with nature and their inhabitants.

Novice (Crusader/Paladin/Templar):

You always wanted to be a protector for the light, for the people arround you or for your love, and so on you decided to ask god for help, biside your own mental strength.

Mage (Elemental Master/Wizard/Time Traveler/Necromancer/Druid/War-Mage):

Ouh have you ever seen a mage without books? Now you can, Mages will not only be able to cast spells they will have the power to turn theirselves into a fighint machine that can even be stronger then a warrior as an Meele.

Swordsman (Berserker/Warrior/Guard/Knight):

You and your sword, real love... The only thing that could be better is something blood on it. Your'e are clearly a person who can lead's a whole group and you have the strength to move/and throw much heavier things then the other classes, and you can also learn every fighting art with nearly Every type of Weapon and Armour.

Thief (Assasin/Rouge/Stalker):

You sit back in the shadow's and wait for the Right Moments, You can get your money out of everything or you can be a deadly killing machine within seconds... You Love the Darkness and you get out the best of you with two one-handed weapons or even four ;D.

You will be able to combine up to 3 classes if you have good connections to the teachers of each class... But then you wont be able to spezializie to a new level of your main class

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The next Charakters for the next episode of Agrath are Shadowknight, Dryade, Witcher, Warlock and Demonologist :)

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