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Full changelog. Skiped some old and unlogged changes.

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1.33. [05.09.2010]

- third attack on 357: inferno capsule (python.cpp, weapons.h)
- fourth attack on 357: HE capsule (python.cpp, weapons.h)
- bug fixed: stuck in weapons/ammo (weapons.cpp)
- gauss cannon velocity depend by ammo charge, and has another fly effect (gauss.cpp)
- snarks improved balance (squeakgrenade.cpp)
- bug fixed: no more turrets reactions on the hornets (turret.cpp)
- "Nuke Bomb" message replaced on "Nuclear Missile", rebalanced damage and bugs fixed (gauss.cpp)
- improved Health/Armor chargers and limits (healthkit.cpp, h_battery.cpp)
- all instances of owner deleted when disconnected
- player spawn more safe (player.cpp)
- new console command: mp_allwep. Default 1.
- added visual effects to a lot objects.
- player ghost cant run on ground (player.cpp)
- any gibs deleted after few sec's (combat.cpp)
- in zoom mode for glock, launched fast grav-core with red trails. More damage and radius, needed 5 ammo.(hl_wpn_glock.cpp)
- flashlight turn off after dead event (player.cpp)
- turrets say [weapon type] messages while used. Added new attacks (total 9) (turret.cpp)
- more resistance by all shots with type DMG_BULLET, if have armor (player.cpp).
- rebalanced most weapons.


- fourth attack on RPG (rpg.cpp, hornetgun.cpp, weapons.h)
- fourth attack on hornetgun: heal ray (hornetgun.cpp, weapons.h)
- gauss magnet ray updated (gauss.cpp)
- crossbow 4th attack updated (crossbow.cpp)
- "DamageForce" changed from 5 to 3 (combat.cpp)

1.31 [3rd update].
- third attack on crossbow
- fourth attack on crossbow
- fourth attack on gauss
- improved weap. balance
- other little changes.


- new function: FourthAttack(). Any effect by pressed USE and ATTACK2 keys (weapons.cpp, weapons.h)
- fourth attack on crowbar: power hit
- fourth attack on glock: zoom
- fourth attack on handgrenates
- fourth attack on satchels
- fourth attack on egon: storm
- fourth attack on shotgun: cannon
- fourth attack on mp5: plasma
- new console command: mp_tank. Default 0.
- new console command: mp_teleport. Default 1.
- weapon balance improved
- optimized: weapon code, source code, net game.
- some bugs destroyed, but hlds can crash with sv_cheats 1 and mp_teamplay 1.
- cleared bad code in player part. [2nd upd] (client.cpp, player.cpp)
- second satchels updated and crowbars (models replaced) [2nd upd] (ggrenade.cpp, satchels.cpp, crowbar.cpp, weapons.cpp)


- third attack on tripmine: Ice-Friction, only heal crystal can return inital friction (tripmine.cpp, satchel.cpp)
- new console command: mp_python. Value 0 is disabled black rocket (game.cpp, python.cpp, game.h)
- new console command: mp_gauss. Value 0 is disabled gauss velocity (game.cpp, gauss.cpp, game.h)
- included maps 2houses.bsp and 2play.bsp for teamplay
- hot bugs destroyed.


- third attack on egon: Tesla (egon.cpp, weapons.h)
- egon cannon now bounce (egon.cpp, weapons.h)
- added new function: TeslaExplode(), is spread shock streams (combat.cpp, cbase.h)
- Added switcher (turrets.cpp)
- teamplay improved, info_player_coop - is second spawn point.
- improved weapon balance
- when sv_cheats 1, disabled : hornets and grav_grenades; turrets limit is 3
- some bugs from previous versions has been fixed.


- third attack on snarks: stomp. (squeakgrenade.cpp, weapons.h)
- third attack on RPG: dual missiles. (rpg.cpp, weapons.h)
- new console command: mp_dmode. Default 0 (game.cpp, game.h, player.cpp, world.cpp)
- decrease damage x2 by yourself explosive (combat.cpp)
- when sv_cheats 1, available all weapons on start
- bad code cleanup
- include some maps
- other bug fixes, little changes.


- third attack on mp5: lazers with little zap. (mp5.cpp, weapons.h)
- third attack on hornetgun: freeze bomb. (hornetgun.cpp, weapons.h)
- third attack on hand grenades: smoke (handgrenade.cpp, weapons.h)
- new console command: mp_crowbar. Value 0 is disabled rockets, multiply dmg x2. Default 1 (game.cpp, crowbar.cpp, game.h)
- set 5 turrets limit (turret.cpp, rpg.cpp)
- other bug fixes and changes.


- third attack on glock: gravity-shock bullets (hl_wpn_glock.cpp, weapons.h)
- third attack on crowbar: teleportation (crowbar.cpp, weapons.h)
- third attack on gauss: magnet-ray (gauss.cpp, weapons.h)
- new console command: mp_fragmonsters. Allow any values. Default 1 (game.cpp, combat.cpp, game.h)
- fixed: client-side animation disabled. (client.cpp & anothers with FEV_)
- secondary and reload attacks on mortars (func_tank.cpp)
- optimized shotgun clusters (shotgun.cpp)
- other little changes.


- Sentry cant stuck in floor and walls (rpg.cpp)
- Nuke has more direct damage *10 (gauss.cpp)
- added new weapon: analog rocket-crowbar from RC (crowbar.cpp)
- increase freeze from 1.25 to 2.25 (hornetgun.cpp)
- allow to freeze anybody monsters (combat.cpp)
- new function: ThirdAttack(). Any effect by pressed USE and ATTACK1 keys (weapons.cpp, weapons.h)
- third attack on shotgun (shotgun.cpp, weapons.h)
- third attack on satchels (invisibility) (satchel.cpp, player.cpp, weapons.h)
- fixed crowbar animation
- many other changes and release.

- inital publication.

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