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Changelog 2.30 version EOD Classic BF1942. Game, new vehicles, vehicle modifications, new weapons, new maps, etc.

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Changelog 2.31

Release date: May 6, 2011

All teams new soldier icons
Australians overworked
Pathet Laos overworked
US african american GI added

IL-28 new vehicle (Maps: Buddhist Uprising, Rolling Thunder, Dong Hoi, Op. Marlboro)
Train fixed camera
Mig-21 CoPilot AI added, missing wreck added
T63 APC fixed wreck textures
Sampans wreck model added
PBRs wreck model added
EoD_Citroen_HP new vehicle (pickup variant of Citroen HY)

Big B52 Bomb fixed damage
AP mines removed cause it destroyed gameplay
Hawk Rocket new weapon (Maps: Aces over Vietnam)
Flare Mortar new weapon (Maps: The Hill)
Flamethrower fixed recoil bug

Weeping new tree
All some trees, plants and bushes overworked

All maps new loadscreens added

Buddhist Uprising new map
Black Water new map
CS Minimetzel new map
Hidden Airfield new map
Ngoc Linh Mountain new map
Que Son Operation Swift new map
Temple Complex new map
Who'll Stop The Rain new map

El Alamein overworked
Green Hell overworked
Saigon City overworked

Abandoned Field fixed stationary MG's
Aces over Vietnam fixed a ladder
Aftermath fixed some object placements
Agent Orange increased viewdistance for the pilots
An Lao Valley increased viewdistance for the pilots
Apocalypse now increased viewdistance for the pilots
Battle at Ling Chow increased viewdistance for the pilots
Battle of Can Tho increased viewdistance for the pilots
Battle of Dien Bien Phu fixed a mortar position
Brothers in arms fixed a wall bug, fixed AI pathfinding
Camp Caroll removed huey with soldier spawn
Charly don't surf improved water texture
Closefire Night darkened terrain, fixed ingame map
Cowboy from hell increased viewdistance for the pilots
DaNang Bay increased viewdistance for the pilots, fixed some object placements
Deep Jungle decreased viewdistance to prevent lag
Dong Hoi increased viewdistance for the pilots
Dragons Jaw increased viewdistance for the pilots
FarCry added APC with soldierspawner and AT Kit at SF Landingzone for better gameplay balance
Iwo Jima improved AI
Last man standing fixed a MG position
MIA removed the boat soldierspawns
Midway improved gameplay (flag radius, time to get flag)
Operation Flaming Dart fixed some object placements
Operation Prairie increased viewdistance for planes
Pacific Railroad fixed AI pathfinding
Papa Oscar Whiskey improved AI
POW fixed some object placements
Radio Tower fixed skybox
Search and Destroy fixed AI pathfinding
Tonkin Air Engagement fixed ingamemap
Tour of Duty fixed AI pathfinding
Truong Son Chasm grassfield added
Two Bridges fixed ingame map, fixed object placements
Way to Bien Hoa tickets adjustments

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