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Changelog 2.30 version EOD Classic BF1942. Game, new vehicles, vehicle modifications, new weapons, new maps, etc.

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Changelog 2.30
Release date: Feb. 1, 2010Game
new team:
Pathet Laos
new vehicles:
Mig 15
Driveable Train
Citroen HY
new weapons:
AntiPerson Mines
Molotov Cocktail
Rocket launcher for Fletcher destroyer
Smoke Grenade
Very large bomb for B-52 Stratofortress
new buildings:
EoD Factory 2
EoD Factory 3
Schuppen (many thanks to BF1918 mod)
Stall (many thanks to BF1918 mod)
Turkishhouse_A (many thanks to BF1918 mod)
Turkishhouse_B (many thanks to BF1918 mod)
new statics:
MI-4 & MI-8 increased MG damage
Mosin Sniper increased damage
No4 Sniper increased damage
Plane Bombs increased damage against Heavy Tanks
Skyraider increased engine power
SVD Sniper increased damage
Torpedos increased damage
All big ships foghorns added
Plane carriers plane repairpoint added, soldier icon position fixed
Fences fixed textures transparency
Handweapons decreased AI sniper viewdistance, tweaked handweapons AI
Landmines AI uses landmines much better now
M113, M113-ARVN Top MG rotation speed fixed
M113-MK19 MK19 rotation speed fixed
Rope Bridges added collision to ropes
ALL maps got improved AI
Sea Fight - Map was renamed from EoD_Sea_Fight to Sea_Fight, tickets adjusted
new maps:
Deep Jungle
Hill 916
Kao Lang
Operation Flaming Dart
Night Patrol
Tet Offensive_Night
overworked maps:
Nui Pek
Operation Linebacker II
Pacific Railroad
River Canyon
Struggle Through Cambodia
Brown Water Navy
Charlie don't surf
Two Bridges
Rice paddies night
Aftermath new skybox
Agent Orange removed 2 controlpoints
Battle of Can Tho fixed tickets counter, AT soldier added
Beach Assault misc changes in US Base
Bridge Ruin removed the boats
Casualties of war MI-8 added
Charly Five improved terrain textures
Dragons Jaw fixed sp briefing
FarCry fixed a hole in the rock face
Green Hell removed boats
H Mong replaced NVA with Pathet Laos team
Ha Long Bay fixed US base plane positions
Hai Van Pass improved terrain textures
Haiphong Harbor added ammo & medic to US base
Hill937-night Vietcong AT added, improved lighting
Ho Chi Minh Trail replaced NVA with Pathet Laos team
Ho Chi Temple adjusted fog env.colour
Hoi An Harbor fixed some object placements
Laos Boundary Dispute replaced NVA with Pathet Laos team
Last Man Standing adjusted ticket count
Main Supply Route improved terrain textures
Operation Cedar Falls improved terrain textures, replaced Mig-17 with Mig-15
Operation Irving fixed object placements
Operation Prairie fixed object lightmaps
Operation Union improved terrain textures
Pushing Charly fixed minimap, incr. flags radius, replaced BMP with BRDM-2
Que Son Valley fixed stationary MG's placements
Rescue Dawn added a secret second entry to the POW camp
River Patrol fixed a ropebridge position, fixed sp briefing
Rolling Thunder adjusted heightmap
Search and destroy improved terrain textures
The Cave improved terrain details, fixed object placements
The Fall Of Hue fixed tickets count
We Were Soldiers improved terrain textures, fixed object placements, MI-4 added


AI still sucks on Charlie don't surf ^^

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