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Changelog 2.20 version EOD Classic BF1942. Game, new vehicles, vehicle modifications, new weapons, new maps, etc

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Changelog 2.20

Release date: Sept 20, 2010


T-62 new vehicle
River Raft new vehicle
BRDM increased rocket mag from 3 to 5
T-63 APC fixed medic & ammo supply
Katyusha fixed engine sounds
SR-71 increased speed
Tango Riverboat increased cannon damage, improved physics
M-72 fixed rocket smoke
M-79 new scope sight
Binoculars removed crosshair
C4 removed crosshair
Landmines removed crosshair
Repair kit removed crosshair
Smoke Grenades removed crosshair
Tracers improved
Medic Kit can be reloaded at a medic locker much faster now
Tunnel Bunker new building
Jungle Huts 5 new buildings
Houses 3 new buildings
VC Factory 1 new building


AA gun spotlight new effect (only in some night maps)
Flares new effect (only in some night maps)
Lamp Light new effect (only in some night maps)
Sound effects improved for some vehicles, handweapons and cannons
Sound effects new ambient sounds in some maps

new maps

Battle of Can Tho
Brothers in Arms
Casualties of War
Ho Chi Minh Trail
Ho Chi Temple
Last Man Standing
Pushing Charly
Que Son Valley - The Prelude
The Cave
The Fall Of Hue
Tonkin Gulf Incident

overworked maps

Rolling Thunder
Tonkin Air Engagement

misc map changes

Crash Point Baker raft added
Run through the jungle added objectives for AI (destroy 5 AA guns)
The Hill added light effects
Battle at Ling Chow T-62 added
Dak Pek T-62 added
Hue Thien Mu T-62 added
Pho Nung T-62 added
Saigon City T-62 added
Urban Warfare T-62 added
Battle of Britain improved AI
Helicopter Valley improved AI pathfinding
Lost Patrol improved AI
Lost Village improved AI pathfinding
Operation Marlboro improved AI
Operation Union improved AI pathfinding, fixed plane spawns
River Village improved AI pathfinding
Saigon Jungle improved AI pathfinding
Thoi Son Island improved AI
Xa Loi Pagoda improved AI, fixed mapinfo, switched helis to transport helis
El Alamein added patch to get correct vehicles
Bocage decreased AI viewdistance
Creek Valley decreased lag (cullradius.con)
Operation Kingpin decreased AI viewdistance
Tonkin Raid decreased AI viewdistance, fixed skybox
Apocalypse Now fixed terrain
Brown Water Navy fixed terrain
Charly Five fixed terrain
Hat Dich fixed terrain
Battle of the Bulge fixed mapinfo
Bridge Ruin fixed mapinfo
Dawn a.t.rice paddies fixed mapinfo, fixed skybox
Dragons Jaw fixed mapinfo
King of the hill fixed mapinfo
Market Garden fixed mapinfo & loadscreen, added some vehicles at US base
Operation Irving fixed mapinfo, new ingame map, fixed AI pathfinding
Search and destroy fixed mapinfo, decreased tickets
Tobruk fixed mapinfo, improved AI pathfinding, decreased AI viewdistance
A_Shau fixed viewdistance
Closefire_Night darkened terrain, fixed a palm in front of a ladder
Heart of darkness fixed some object positions
Ho Sanh fixed some object positions, added airplane ammo
Jocoseness fixed some object positions
Main Supply Route fixed some soldier spawns
Mao Valley fixed some object positions
Mekong Delta fixed some object positions, changed water settings
My Hoi fixed some object positions
No Escape fixed some object positions, added 4 parachute spawns
Operation Linebacker fixed skybox
Operation Prairie fixed some vehicle and soldier spawns
Papa Oscar Whiskey fixed some object positions
River Canyon removed grenade launchers
Sa Pa fixed skybox
Stream fixed a flag position
Tour of duty switched attack-helis to transport-helis
We were soldiers fixed some object positions

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