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Character analysis of the CCS: Lieutenant Jessica.

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The first thing to know about Lt.Jessica is that she is the daughter of Cabal & Eva. Born on the 3rd January 2060, she had a hard start as GDI didn't know that Eva was pregnant. Though Eva had tried everything to conceal her pregnancy from GDI, when she went into labour a GDI commander notified GDI high command. Seconds later Jessica was born and a message was sent directly to the CCS, as Eva knew that GDI would shut her down to find where Jessica was. It took GDI hackers only 10 minutes to hack Eva's encrypted files for Jessica's location, but it was already too late for then as the CCS had infiltrated the pentagon 2 weeks previously. Within 5 minutes an OX19 transport had been hijacked to take Jessica to her new home back in England.

The Bio-Electronics behind the Jessica

Jessica was the perfect integration of organic flesh and machine. With a full computer data-matrix HDD of 2.6 PB and a 66.7 GHz processor core but perfectly mixed with a brain of an IQ of 103 at 3 Years old. Her estimated IQ now is 197 and her data-matrix HDD has now got 77.1 PB worth of storage and her processor core is now 1.4 THz.

Jessica's role within the CCS

Jessica is the youngest Lieutenant within the CCS. However, that is not to say that she is treated any differently from anyone else. Though physically she may look like an ordinary 6 year old kid, she is quite the unexpected. She is able to control nearly every aspect of her physical being. By choice, she prefers to look younger than she actually is, but that is not to say she is any less capable for it. In fact, probably more capable.

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nothing to add here... :D

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...I'm just going to call her Lt. Mary Sue.

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