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I'm rich, but now that i have the moment what should i do. Stay as a pirate, continue to smuggle goods to and from islands or is it time to join a nation?

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Amazing, a few months ago i had a small Bermuda Sloop and now i have all these large ships at my command. Of course i haven't spent a single coin to buy them, only keep them in perfect condition. Anyway off to the lighthouse to sell the cargo.User Posted Image
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Thats more than last time, the extra cargo space onboard the Heavy Galleon has come in handy. I wounder if i can find something at Port Royal that will sell for a higher profit here at Nevis.User Posted Image
I knew it, and now i will have to do something about these ships. The Carrack is a ship that will come in very handy. She should have a very nice cargohold, more room in it than the Pinnace at least and most likely more than the Heavy Galleon's. The Crimson Blood and Fleut Of War though will be of no use to me so they will be going down to Davy Jones.User Posted Image
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Their we go the Carrack does have a bigger cargohold than the Heavy Galleon's. Looks like we will be looking at replacing all our ships at some point, but for now the Raa Frigate is to meet Davy Jones. A shame but thats the way it has to be sometimes.User Posted Image
Bye Bye Fleut Of War and Crimson Blood. Two more ships go to Davy Jones, i will give the Carrack to my first companion so that the ship is right behind me and i will use the Pinnace which i will replace should another Carrack be found.User Posted Image
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While here at Port Royal i decided i would go and pick up the money i am owed for killing the captain. I thourght it was 47,000 so imagine how i felt when i heard it was 97,000. That will come in very handy. I still have one at Port Of Spain to pick up as well, but i am in no rush to collect it.User Posted Image
Another French bounty hunter and this fleet brought a Pinnace and the Golden Hind and of course the Golden Hind is going to have more cargo space than the Pinnace and its the Pinnace i want to replace so that was it. Now i have a Golden Hind that almost has the same Cargo space as the Carrack which is perfect. Also while i am at it, the destination has changed, the new trade route will be Port Royal to Port Of Spain where we will sell Mehogany to the smugglers. At Port Royal we will sell Sandalwood legally to the store for around 111 pieces of eight per unit profit. I was going to have it Port Royal to Port Of Spain, to Charlestown and back tp Port Royal but their would be nothing of value to take from Charlestown to Port Royal so that route is ruled out.User Posted Image
These months are going quick now, it only seems like a few day's since we payed the upkeep and here we are again. Not as much as i thourght it might be but just like every month so far, we are not at full crew.User Posted Image
I'm rich, over 1 million pieces of eight to my name. The question is when is it going to be enough, 2, 3, 4 million. I will have to think long and hard about what i want to do because up till now all i have been aiming for is 1 million and now that i have it i will have to look for a new goal. I do want to upgrade the Carrack and Golden Hind's cargohold which i expect will be expensive so for now the aim is to make 3 million and see if that will cover the costs of one or both of them.User Posted Image
Looks like we have been followed again, well this is not good because the Golden Hind only has 100 crew onboard and iof we end up been courght up in a naval battle i expect the Golden Hind to be the main target. I have taken command of the Fleut in case a better ship came up so maybe this is it.User Posted Image
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Yeah he's ok, sailing around making lots of money and avioding pirates. He seemed to be having a lot of fun, forgot he had a wife but look on the bright side. At least he now knows he does have a wife but sadly he'll most likely forget about you and continue trading and before he knows it he'll have a wife in every town. Nothing to worry about though, at least he sent his love.



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97,000 doubloons is ridiculous.

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Luke159 Author

Yes i agree 97,000 is far to much and does need lowering to around 5000 doubloons at most. Maybe we can find the code and fix that for GOF 1.2.

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