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Is that all the French are saying my head is worth, i will have to make them see i am no push over and that my head is worth more than that, i want to be number 1 on their most wanted list.

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Well after speaking with the smuggler in the tavern its off to the Lighthouse to sell these goods to his friends. I wounder if i will make near 300,000 for them?User Posted Image
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Thats a nice profit margin, and a very nice overall price. Makes you wounder how much money they are carrying. Shall we find out lol.User Posted Image
Oh man, i guess i could say here they come to die again. But i won't, its what ships if any they have awaiting me when i board my ship. A MOW or ship of similar size wouldn't be a very nice thing to see and we have seen a few of them in harbours so we know the English have a few around the caribbean.User Posted Image
How nice is that, the French have put a 23k bounty on my head, thats all my head is worth. Well i will have to change that and see how much the French are willing to spend to see me dead.User Posted Image
After returning back from a long journey from Port Of Spain where once again i loaded up with Sandalwood i spoke with the smuggler in the tavern, as you can see the place is set and now i need to see if their is any crew willing to join me or not before heading their.User Posted Image
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Woohoo, i like it. The more i see that kind of profit the more i love doing this journey. The good news is i can now aford another 90 day trading license because this one runs out in around 10 or 11 day's. I will head back to Port Of Spain to reload and on my way back here i will drop into La Francois (a pirate town) and purchase a new trading license for England.User Posted Image
Thats very interesting, the gaurds who are clearly standing around up their are not coming down. Either they know if they do then they'll be killed or they have something waiting for me onboard my ship. Of course i could just be thinking negatively and they may not have noticed or care if they did see, only one way to find out i guess.User Posted Image
No suprises waiting for us on the beach or when i got back to the ship, but these bounty hunters was heading to Nevis. I can't capture any more ships without first sinking sinking the ships i wish to replace and i can't be bothered to do that. I would have liked the Heavy Galleon to be apart of my fleet, replacing maybe the Pinnace but i don't want to sink the Pinnace and then find the Heavy Galleon isn't capable or carrying more than the Pinnace could.User Posted Image
Thats a shame, she can carry more than my Pinnace but i can't take on more ships because the maximum is 5. I could swap my Frigate but by doing that i would have to use the Raa Frigate because i like fast ships so i can get to the action and defend my companions before they start taking to much damage. Overall i would be able to carry much more cargo and make that extra few thousand pieces of eight so its worth it. Oh lets do it, i can alway's get another Frigate at a later date if i need one.User Posted Image
Thats it, the other bounty hunter has been sunk. So i have swapped my ship the Frigate for the Heavy Galleon i captured a few minutes ago and i have boarded and sunk the other bounty hunter who was sailing the Defflinger. Not bad for a day's work huh.User Posted Image
Another month another payout, at least its not over 80,000. But again i am not at full crew so that is not a full representation of my monthy costs. Anyway i will continue to head to Port Of Spain reload and then drop off at a pirate settlement La Francois and purchase a new trade license before heading back to Nevis to sell the Sandalwood.User Posted Image
We're just a few miles out side of Nevis now, but i just had to share this with you. I love the sky at night, the moon reflecting on the sea and the stars glaring out from the sky. I could sit looking at that all night, but i have to get some sleep its a busy day tomorrow selling that cargo. Then its on to Port Royal to see what we can load up and sell back here at Nevis.

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