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With more requests and a few new ships to carry the sandalwood to Nevis, its looking good to make a nice amount of money. But will it be enough to buy another 90 day trading license with England. Or will i have to try and sail to Port Of Spain and load up again before heading back to Nevis?

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User Posted ImageWell i guess i do get to have a little fight today, the patrol was soon here after selling those goods to the smugglers. I just hope this doesn't make England put a bounty on my head because if it does then i will have lost out on making my 315,000 pieces of eight back.User Posted Image
User Posted ImageAfter killing the soldiers we was greeted by some patrol ships, so what i thourght was going to be a little fight will be more than that. I don't mind sending a few more ships down to davy jones, its not like they will be of much use up here when i have finished with them.User Posted ImageWell the Dutch attack us with a fleet of 5 ships. The Fluet Of War we have captured and will keep for ourselves but the Greyhound we have looted and sunk because we have no use for here just yet. She is a beautiful ship but we can't leave ships at pirate towns because i guess any ship without a captain onboard is fair game and why not i know if i needed a ship and their was one without a captain i would happily board her as claim she is mine.User Posted ImageNext is the Raa Frigate, i might keep this ship if her stats are good so i have 3 trade ships and 2 warships. Then i can be leading the pack and the Raa Frigate can be protecting the rear of the pack. The other two enemy ships are running so the only ship to worry about now is the Raa Frigate which is soon to be mine.User Posted ImageNice, she'll come in handy protecting the fleet. Well you never know their could be a time when i am chasing another ship or we are invloved in a battle where all our ships are spread out and its moments like that when the Raa Frigate will be most valuable.User Posted ImageI wouldn't mind one of those protecting the rear of the fleet though, they would certainly scare off most ships. The only bad thing is they would be slow and not very good at turning. But over a long distance they would certainly be deadly with their 32, 36 or even 42Ibs calibure cannons. Just imagine the cargohold in them, it must be huge, but perhaps not big enough to be both a trade ship and warship.User Posted ImageOnly 37 day's remaining. We better hurry and get loaded up and resupplied, we also need more crew now. Not just for the crew i lost in battle but for these new ships as well. We have a busy day today in Port Of Spain.User Posted ImageWow thats a bit steep and we aren't even at full crew. Makes you wounder how much it will be when we are doesn't it. Anyway with the ships repaired and the guns replaced to 16Ibs cannons (our standard calibures for companions) we are off to the tavern to see if their are any crazy sailors looking to join our crew.User Posted ImageWhat another one, what are these women doing, they must be like thats him quick grab him. I shouldn't moan really its 47,000 which is a lot of money, she must really love her husband. If i was her i would have traded him in for another but then i am not the type for long term relationships. Oh well, thats another husband i need to explain the way to get home.User Posted Image
User Posted ImageWell that didn't take to long to find him. Now i am back to the one request, i should really start collecting these payments before the whole of the caribbean owes me money. At least it was legit, which is more than i can say for where my cargo will be sold hahaha.User Posted Image
User Posted ImageDamn, 26 day's remaining on my trading license. I will easily have enough money after i sell all this sandlawood to the smugglers though so i'm not to worries. I might even fit anther trip in from Port Of Spain, but first i need to kill these silly bounty hunters. Do they never learn, i just don't give a flying f**k about a bounty on my head. If anything i say its a check to be so low.

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