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This dev diary includes Level editor, the new lab and new effects!

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We apologise for the delay of this update, the reason had to do with studyding (matriculation examination!). Despite that we have made a lot of progress, and you're going to hear about it in this update. This includes:

  • New PhysX effects
  1. Bob's particle effects
  2. Portal particle effects
  3. Air current effects
  • Level Editor!
  1. A new, efficient way of compressing levels.
  • New Lobbys for each
    level dimension.
  • Doc's lab aka. Main
    lobby almost ready, but some polishing is still needed.

PhysX effects

Particles that follow Bob and react to the environment and air currents. Portals produce particles which react to the environment and bend towards bob and other nearby portals. Air current effects are basically signs of strong air currents, which helps the player to detect them.

Level Editor

We have developed a level editor, which allows you to create levels for both single- and multiplayer. The editor can be used by several players at once, like in a multiplayer mode, so you can create insane maps with your friends, and are limited by only your imagination. The levels can then be shared to other players to be played and rated.

Early level editor shot #1 Early level editor shot #2 Early level editor shot #3 Early level editor shot #4

The level editor is not fully complete yet, but it can already be used to create, save and load levels. Most of the remaining work will be polishing the hud, making the level sharing system and of course
to make the editor to be easy to use.

Early level editor shot #5 Early level editor shot #6


All the entrance portals which are used to travel to levels, are located in lobbies. There you can also observe your progress on the levels.

The Lab

The new lab is almost done and looking good. The lab will be pretty big and it will have many rooms, some tutorials, interactable items and maybe even some secrets...

Thats all for this dev diary and if you already haven't tested the demo/prologue we suggest that you do! Any comments are of course welcome.

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