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More progress on Bob the Blob! This time we show our new movement and combo system! Includes demonstration video!

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More progress on Bob the Blob! This time we show our new movement and combo system!

Movement System

We wanted to make the gameplay faster, more competitive and of course more fun! The gameplay is now a lot faster, in the right hands that is. The old non-player-friendly walljumping technique has been replaced with far easier single click of the left mouse button and the walljump count is now infinite, so you can jump from a wall to another wall.

We want to keep the game easy to play but extremely fast paced for the pro players. For example, the new system gives the player speed bonuses if he performs perfectly, but the speed becomes a lot more harder to maintain. All the easy levels can be passed by the beginners, but if you really want to be on top of the world leaderboards, you have to know every trick and make perfect timings to gain bounces. Bounces are almost like bunny hopping, but also speed you up from bounces against walls. The bounces meter is pretty hard to get to the max because it will reset if you lose your speed or do not bounce of surfaces fast enough. In the new system it is important to be on air as much as possible because you can actually accelerate more when you are on air. So keep on jumping!

Combo system

We now have a brand new combo system, which awards you points if you are fast enough and/or make stunts in a row. The combos give you points, which are added to your final level score. The level score is calculated from the combos, time, deaths and the amount of blobs collected. Players can compete with best scores or the best times.

I, the programmer of BetaDreams, am pretty sick right now, so the development may slow down on the programming side of the game for few days because I am not so productive when I have high fever, but I'll try to do whatever I can at the moment. Stay tuned for more and please feel free to comment!


Looks good :D, nice music again :D.

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And the best thing about these musics are that you can listen to them while you are playing Bob The Blob.

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