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Some screens of our train in the game, Heat Haze Express!

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Okay so this is our first dev diary post! We are making the Heat Haze level dimension at the moment, which is the third level category. We decided to post some pictures of making the Heat Haze Express steam train, which you use to travel between the levels.

So here it goes! First the train got sketched by RastlinW and then Some812 started to model and animate it. He also made the diffuse texture on the UV.

Making the HHExpressMaking the HHExpress

Next, I (BetaNium) made a rather simple detail and normal map and imported all the assets in to UDK.
The Forward animation speed was tweaked to 15x faster and the train has per poly collision and some hidden collision meshes inside it to prevent player going trough it in high velocities.

Making the HHExpress Making the HHExpress

Then we made some train wagons for it too. There is a level where you have to slide on the wagons and jump to an another train. And all this happens in a not so easy place, a tunnel full of stalactites and falling rocks!

Making the HHExpress HHExpress in the cave

The textures will be reworked at the finishing stage of development, as almost every texture in the game :)

Stay tuned for more!

HHE5 - The Tomb raider

Looks interesting! some gameplay videos could be nice...

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Gameplay videos are coming soon! Just wait and see.

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