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This is a mod that fixes many bugs from the default files on Doom 3 base folder, does not clean the files, like other mods do, but fixes and enhances all the files, specially defs and scripts but also materials, particles and fx and more.

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This mod is the basis i use for make mods, i start from here, it has primarily bug fixes, from small things, like BFG and chaingun def files to change the wrong default .prt to the correct .prt, to big changes, like the muzzleflash fix for the chaingun commando, it makes the fire sounds to not be stopped by other sounds, like reload or noammo sounds.

Has fixes for many models that now can be moveable and before where static, like for example, the model for the Grabber is now moveable in RoE, that's because i used as clipmodel the machinegun moveable model.

The weapons has all dynamic lightning, for example plasmagun and BFG, they also can be heard when the fireball or bullet hits the enemy, the weapons uses tracers for fly bullet sounds, but not shows any tracer.

The grenade doesn't bounce as much as before and has a much better sound specially for the grenade, before it was using the same sounds as the rockets explosions.

All the scripts have been changed for both demons, zombies and weapons. The lights and the materials for the lights have been changed for do more shadows and better lightning effects, but its a start, its not a full mod that has all enhanced and tweaked, this is the basis, then a lot of changes and enhancements can be added but starting from this mod is a good start, another example, the flashlight uses two lights, one cast shadows the other just is for enlighten the surroundings like a real flashlight.

This mod does many hidden things and of course is compatible and can be added HD Textures like Wulfen and Monoxead, change the shaders, enhanced the models of the weapons, change the skins of the monsters, enhance the sounds more, but if you want a starting point but not as complex as Sikkmod and without require a custom .dll library, but with adding new features such as secondary button and more, this is your starting mod.


Dafama, I love you! Big fan of your work.

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