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Fill the shoes of a young mechanic, given the simple task of maintaining a computer.

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In the half life world.
In the not too distant future.
A crack team of scientists discovered a way of easily traveling between universes.

"We don't jump from one universe to another. The energy involved in that is astronomical. We travel in the substance between the universes. The 'Multiverse Material'. Allowing us to make two tiny jumps rather than one gargantuan one. Think of what treasures lie out there!" - Scientist

So it wasn't long before a ship was built. Capable of tunneling through this dark material. However, such a complex machine would require a huge crew. The crew would need sleeping quarters, mess halls and consume an expensive amount of oxygen. So it was decided, An improved form of a previous AI was to be used to entirely automate the ship... and a mechanic. In permanent stasis. In case anything went wrong.
You are this mechanic.
Your mission is to repair the computer on request.
The computer's mission is to investigate multiple universes and recover any 'useful' artifacts.
The expedition will last 500 years. After which the computer will return to its origin with whatever it has found.
There are now 487 years left in the expedition and you have been revived from stasis for the first time.


Wow this sounds insanely awesome.Where did you come up with this great idea?Damn I feel bad and good at the same time.

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ThePengu Author

I'm glad you like it.
If you think the back story is good, wait until you get to play the full game.

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