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This is the full changelog for v1.2 of Back to Basics, released on April 10th 2011.

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Back to Basics: Battle of the Hedges v1.2

- Nashorn user interface icons and .ucs values fixed
- Nashorn weapon fixed.
- Fixed the issue where the Nashorn would cause to drop income dramaticly.
- Commonwealth Machine Gun Emplacement health increased from 450 to 650.
- Commonwealth/American/Wehrmacht Anti-Tank Gun Emplacement health increased 550 to 800.
- Commonwealth/American/Wehrmacht/PanzerElite Howitzer Emplacement health increased from 550 to 800.
- Commonwealth Bofors emplacement health increased from 500 to 750.
- Commonwealth Mortar Emplacement health increased from 450 to 750.
- Bombing Runs damage decreased vs. Buildings.
- Bren Light Machine Gun damage increased from 14/12 to 15/12.
- G43 upgrade now only gives 2 G43's again instead of 3.
- General infantry/vehicle health increase of 1.18x
- Infantry Anti-Tank Weapons slighly damage increase.
- Fixed an issue where infantry garissoned inside the Kangaroo would get insta-killed all the time.
- Stuka Zu Fuss Rocket Barrage range increased from 120 to 140.
- Hetzer fuel cost reduced from 110 to 90.
- Kangaroo fixed - infantry died way to fast inside it.
- Panzer Elite Schwimmwagen is now the Wehrmacht Schwimmwagen (with mg42, no roof).
- Bren Carrier can no longer move when self-repair is active.
- Hotchkiss H35 can now fire Incendiary Barrages when the Stuka Zu Fuss is upgraded.
- Hotchkiss Stuka Zu Fuss upgrade no longer requires the Panzer Support Kommand upgrade.
- Sd.Kfz. 250/3 "Vampire" now costs 220 manpower and 10 fuel.
- Sd.Kfz. 221 "Scout Car" now costs 220 manpower and 5 fuel.
- Brute Force Kommand now looks like the ToV Mortar Bunker.
- Brute Force Kommand can now fire Mortar Barrages.
- Fixed an issue where infantry garrisoned in bunkers would be nearly impossible to kill without destroying the bunker itself.
- Changes various shell explosions for tank guns.
- New Ability: Drache Infantry Drop-Off, replacing the Drache Recon ability.
- Removed the 50mm Pak 38 paradrop ability.
- Changed the GUI for the Bunker Buster Ammunition in the Commander Tree; it also unlocks Air Detonation Shells.
- American M7 Priest has a new ability; Air Detonation Shells.
- Decreased the Panther's penetration vs. the M26 Pershing.
- Increased American Infantry AT Weapon Penetrations vs. the Tiger.
- Changed Reactive Precision Artillery to Precision Rocket Battery Fire - it will fire various kinds of off-map rockets onto the targeted area.
- Precision Rocket Battery Fire munition cost increased from 50 to 100.
- Added Nebelwerfer Battery Fire to the Hauptmann, he will order all Nebelwerfers on the field to fire at the targeted area.
- Increased the M5 76mm Anti-Tank Gun's effectiveness against all vehicles.
- Tuned the weapon system.
- Increased the throwing range of all grenade types.
- Increased the damage of all grenade types.
- Sturmgeschütz IV population increased from 4 to 6.
- Sturmgeschütz IV fuel cost increased from 50 to 55.
- Tigers population cost increased from 14 to 16.
- Stormtroopers population decreased from 8 to 4.
- Waffen SS Squad population decreased from 10 to 5.
- Ostwind Flakpanzer fuel cost increased from 40 to 55.
- Wirblewind Flakpanzer now kills infantry with the same effectiveness as the stationary flakvierling.
- Whirblewind medium accuracy nerfed from 0.75 to 0.65.
- Whirblewind long accuracy nerfed from 0.65 to 0.45.
- New Reward Unit: Tiger 101; it will replace the Tiger from the Tigergruppen Assault Force when activated.
- Brute Force Kommand now shows the range of the 81mm Gr. 34 Mortar on the minimap when being constructed.
- New UI for Brute Force Kommand.
- New Ability for British Infantry: Field Dressing. When Field Dressing is applied the squad will revive a wounded squad member.
- Crommwell Command Tank can now use Victor Target.
- Snipers can no longer use Grenades.
- Scorched Earth can now be used on enemy strategic points.
- New ability for the Supply Halftrack: Repair Halftrack. It will gain the Pioneer State and Advanced Vehicle Repair.
- New Improved Jagdpanther model by Halftrack & Tankdestroyer.
- New skin for the Sd.Kfz. 250/9 (GnigruH's skin fixed for it).
- Fixed the Hotchkiss upgun weapon stats, they were completely screwed up.
- Sd.Kfz. 221 (Scout Car) capture distance increased from 2 to 10.
- Sd.Kfz. 221 (Scout Car) now comes with the Logisics Upgrade when build.
- Sd.Kfz. 221 (Scout Car) UI updated to show the radio antenna.
- 50mm PaK38 accuracy nerfed vs. Allied light vehicles from 1 to 0.9
- Stuart accuracy increased vs. infantry.
- Stuart damage increased vs. Axis light vehicles.
- Stuart fuel cost decreased from 45 to 35.
- Fixed that the Panzer Elite Headquarters never had the Headquarters Accessoires like the American and Wehrmacht Headquarters have.
- Increased the 280mm and Firestorm damage per rocket.
- Nerfed the 37mm Stuart Gun vs. the Sturmgeschütz IV.
- American .30 Cal Machine Gun damage and penetration increased vs. Axis Halftracks.
- Commonwealth .303 Cal Machine Gun damage and penetration increased vs. Axis Halftracks.
- Commonwealth .303 Cal Machine Gun can now use AP rounds.
- Recoilless Rifles can be upgraded anywhere.
- Axis 20mm Guns horizontal tracking decreased.
- British Infantry will now secure a sector when entering a slit trench or foxhole in their own territory.
- M3a1 Halftrack now also has visible garrisoned infantry which can fire from the Halftrack.
- Royal Air Force Airstrike reworked. It will now work the same as the Henschel AT strike, but there's 2 types of aircraft: 1 targets infantry with .50 cal machine guns and the other targets vehicles with bombs.
- Fixed an issue where the Foxhole would die really fast compared to trenches. It's now as strong as a trench.
- Fixed an issue where Commonwealth Infantry would no longer give shared veterancy for their officers.
- Fixed an issue where the Hauptmann would not give any bonuses to infantry, though the icon did show up.
- New GUI decorator icons for the Staff Sergeant's aura.
- New GUI decorator icons for the Lieutenant's aura.
- New GUI decorator icon for the Hauptmann's aura.
- Reworked the Commandos tree (redesigned order of the upgrades).
- Reworded the Terror Doctrine (redesigned order of the upgrades).
- New Terror Ability: Propaganda War; All infantry affected from the ability will get negative battle performance for a short period of time.
- Commonwealth AI will no longer throw grenades on neutral buildings.
- 150mm Nebelwerfer manpower cost reduced from 390 to 325.
- Moved the Captain's off-map artillery ability to slot 9 instead of 5.
- Waffen SS Officer can now supervise structures when the Skirmish Phase is reasearched.
- Panzerfaust no longer requires the Skirmish Phase (since it already requires the upgrade in the KampfKraft Centre).
- Fallschirmjagers can no longer capture points while Hiding.
- Fallschirmjagers can now build trenches.
- Fallschirmjager Hide Ability moved to slot 6.
- Shocktrooper Camouflage Ability moved to slot 6.
- Engineers can now lay demo charges anywhere on the battlefield.
- Sappers can now lay demo charges anywhere on the battlefield.
- Commonwealth Mortar Emplacement build time reduced from 90 to 70.
- Wehrmacht Mortar Emplacement build time reduced from 90 to 70.
- Goliath Remote Controlled Bomb munition cost reduced from 125 to 100.
- Fixed an issue where Call-In abilities could no longer be targetd in the Fog of War.
- New GUI for the Commando Jeep Mine Drop ability.
- Henschel 'Panzerknacker' weapon tuned; it's fires a straight line of 75mm projectiles instead randomly of firing it's cannon.
- American/Commonwealth Glider HQ Healing Aura increased from 6 to 10.
- Nerfed the Area of Effect of the 75mm PaK 40 on the Geschützwagen, it's now matching the Marder III.
- Churchill AVRE Petard now has a larger Area of Effect and pins down infantry.
- Churchull AVRE Petard fire ability munition cost increased from 35 to 75.
- Churchill AVRE Petard fire ability recharge time increased from 20 to 50.
- Panzer Elite vehicles now gain veterancy like all other vehicles.
- Fixed speeches for Axis emplacements.
- Fixed veterancy decorators for emplaced weapons (88mm Flak 36, 20mm Flakvierling, 25 Pounder, etc.).
- New unit: Assault Squad. A 4-man airborne squad armed with Thompsons. They can fire-up and use the Assault ability. Buildable from the HQ Glider in the Airborne Commander Tree.
- Recoilless Jeep can now lay mines.
- Supply Halftrack can now drop Goliaths when the Repair Halftrack is upgraded.
- Secure Nest removed from the Highlanders and Royal Scottish Highlanders Commander Tree.
- Staghound Call-in moved to the spot of the Secure Nest.
- New upgrade in the Royal Scottish Highlanders Commander Tree: Armored Car Mine Drop.
- Mortar Halftrack can now fire Smoke Barrages.
- New upgrade in Supply Yard: M2Hb Jeep; all future build Jeeps are armed with the more powerfull .50cal M2Hb.
- M5a1 Stuart removed from American Motorpool.
- M8 Scott buildable at American Motorpool when the Armor Commander is chosen.
- New upgrade in Supply Yard: M2Hb Jeep. All future build Jeeps will be equipped with the more powerfull .50cal M2Hb.
- Fixed that the American M7 Priest could be called in when the Headquarters is destroyed.
- American M7 Priest now requires either the Motorpool OR Tank Depot.
- New Game Mode: ATC Annhilate; Play Annhilate matches with the Automatic Territory Capture enabled.
- Fixed an issue where the American Captain got disabled when engineers were in the build que.
- Redesigned the Wehrmacht Atlantikwall Doctrine:
--- Grille Self-Propelled Gun removed.
--- 105mm leFH18/40 moved to the place of the 280mm Rocket Battery
--- 280mm Rocket Battery moved to the place of the Grille.
- Redesigned Scorched Earth Tactics:
--- Scorched Earth ability moved to the place Bergetiger
--- Bergetiger moved to the place of Flares.
--- Flares removed.
--- New call-in in Scorched Earth: Gebirgsjägers.
--- Gebirgsjägers no longer trainable at the Brute Force Kommand.
--- Gebirgsjägers can now only construct the MG42 Emplacements, 88mm Flak 36 Howitzer and Disrupor Radios.
--- New building: Disruptor Radio; it steals rescources in enemy territory.
--- Gebirgsjägers can plant Demo Charges when upgraded in Scorched Earth Tactics.
--- Supply Halftrack can now lay Incendiary Mines when upgraded in Scorched Earth Tactics.
--- Sector Artillery moved to the place of Scorched Earth.
--- Hotchkiss moved to Scorched Earth Tactics; in the place of the Bunker Self-Repair.
- Ammunition Delivery costs changed to from 200 manpower 10 munition and 10 fuel changed to 500 manpower.
- Sturmgewehr 44 upgrade (in Brute Force Kommand) costs changed to 200 manpower and 25 fuel.
- Heavy Support Weapons upgrade costs changed to 200 manpower and 15 fuel.
- Off-map artillery is more spread out and longer time between shells.
- Bergetiger call-in now works properly
- Bergetiger population cost reduced from 10 to 6.
- Bergetiger call-in hotkey removed.
- Bergetiger call-in manpower cost reduced from 600 to 300.
- Medic Healing Aura increased from 10 to 15.
- Gebirgsjägers can construct Disruptor Radios; when built in enemy territory it will reduce their munition or fuel income.
- New GUI Symbol for the M26 Pershing.
- Increased Tiger build time from 70 to 80 seconds.
- Decreased Panther build time from 70 to 65 seconds.
- Decreased Tiger manpower cost from 920 to 870.
- Increased Panther survivability.
- Renamed Atlantikwall to Defensive Strategies.
- Renamed Schwere SS Panzer Abteilung 102 to Offensive Strategies.
- Fixed and improved most discriptions for units and abilities.
- Changed Ammunition and Fuel Supplies in Offensive Strategies to Improved Supply Lines; it will increase your individual munition and fuel income with 25%.
- Shocktroopers no longer limited to 2 at the time.
- Fixed that American AT-Gun Crews would move very slow.
- American AT-Gun AP Shells ability duration reduced from 25 to 10.
- Fixed that Repair Pioneers would show up as white boxes on the minimap.
- Fixed that Repair Pioneers would not get the repair wrench when repairing.
- Fixed that vehicles getting repaired by Repair Pioneers would not get the repair wrench.
- New upgrade in Kampf Kraft Centre: Armoured Skirts; The Panther, Sturmgeschütz IV, and Panzer IV will have Armoured Skirts.
- Panther, Sturmgeschütz IV and Panzer IV can no longer upgrade Armoured Skirts.
- Commonwealth Rifle Grenades accuracy fixed, they are much more accurate now.
- Fixed that Fallschirmjägers would not reveal while shooting in cover.
- Off-Map strikes (artillery, planes, rockets etc.) cannot be targeted in enemy base sectors anymore.
- Increased team weapons health (HMG's, Mortars, AT-Guns) health.
- Reworked veterancy to be more specific for eac unit type.
- Added kicker messages when a veterancy level is gained.


"- Off-Map strikes (artillery, planes, rockets etc.) cannot be targeted in enemy base sectors anymore." (4th from the bottom)

I just bombed the **** out of someone's base with the American 150munition Off-Map arty :/

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Celution Author

Yes, it might be that we forgot some stuff, thanks for the feedback. If you notice any others, please let us know.

Edit: Do you mean the one from the commander tree of the one from the Captain?

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The one from the command tree.

And I found another bug (I think):
-I had a Hauptmann using Increase Production ability on my PanzerFabrik. But after I unlocked the Waffen SS Lt from the Terror Command Tree he lost his Increase Production ability. It was replaced by an Inspired Assault Ability.
Was it supposed to be like that? Because the Waffen SS Lt that you can call-in has the Increase Production Ability :/

So if it was supposed to be like that its really weird.
The Hauptmann should have the Increase Production Ability (since he is not doctrine specific) and the Waffen SS should have the Inspired Assault (since he is from the Terror Doctrine and he is SS and all that).

And another bug :D
I had a full health Luftwaffe Pioneers and I put the to capture a 88mm that had lost its crew. They got on but the life of the crew was only at 50-60%...???

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Does the wehrmact have fallschirmjagers and if they do, do they have fg 42's. Please tell me because this will be the deciding factor of whether I get this mod or not because if I do I have to delete blitzkrieg and botb to make room and I only have vanilla COH.

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