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The Azdara is my first success. I feel this thing works perfectly. In the original game, it was fast, difficult to maneuver, but unbeatable.

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My plan was built upon the realized flaws of the Voinian ships. I had to learn how to design components that couldn't be easily cheated onto other ships. This ship was my attempt to figure out how to make an incredibly powerful ship, but make sure the player can't cheat with it too easily.


From the Voinian ships, I learned that trying to balance the three outfit categories (general, weapon, engines) was just plain difficult. It had nothing to do with the ship, but everything to do with outfits. This was my mistake on the Voinian ships. Outfits.

The Azdara is my attempt to create that balanced super ship that doesn't break the game. The ship has ONE outfit, and five weapons. It will have enough outift space to change the five weapons and that is it. Nothing more, because you are not buying the ship but the heart of the ship.

Azdara Core

The core is my name for the Azdara reactor, engine, shield generator, cooling system, and turning mechanism. You will be able to put this in ANY ship, and that was my problem with the Voinian Ships. The value of the Azdara Core will be at least 50 million credits. The fighter itself will cost a little more than that (ship values are determined by outfits).

The Azdara is still a perfect fit for the core, however. I kept the ships stats super low, so I could minimize the stats of the core. For now, the problem is that you can put AS MANY cores as you want in ANY ship, and that of course breaks the game.

The only way to prevent outfit spamming is to make the outfit HUGE, and that means the Azdara is the only fighter with an outfit capacity greater than most warships.

Combat Worth

In combat the Azdara is perfect. I am using the voinian weapons still, because I am not focusing on creating weapons at the moment. For fifty million, you can field an unbeatable fighter. A carrier, deploying six of these, is guaranteed a victory.

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