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The patch notes for AQ's anniversary update are here!

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*~Version 1.42~*
- Fixed minor formatting issues.
Global Changes:
- Font colour has been changed in all map titles.
- Improved text formatting & consistency.
- Added chapter titles to all briefings.
- Made the Gods invincible.
Level 1:
- Neglected to fix hilarious typo of Pr0nogo's name.
- Cut unnecessary length off of Amon Amarth track, reducing file size.
Level 2:
- Cut unnecessary length off of briefing track, reducing file size.
- Removed that goddamn motherfucking floating rock. Note: Give Todd a strict talking
- Modified Shadow Clone stats. Note: This is just an aesthetic change - gameplay will
not be affected.
- Increased the Temple's defences.
- Gave the Reaving Reaver his proper title, as it should be.
- Added some breathing room in the ending cutscene.
Level 3:
- Cut unnecessary length off of briefing track, reducing file size.
- Fixed an oversight where some unit stats were too low (done while making the trailer).
- Added back in an unused dropship harassment system and some cut dialogue.
- Improved player's starting force a bit to make up for the dropship harassment.
- Enhanced ending cutscene.
- Renamed forces for increased accuracy.
Level 4:
- Cut unnecessary length off of briefing track, reducing file size.
- Fixed a bug where multiple choices at the opening could be selected, resulting in the
map essentially just skipping to the endzone.
- Fixed an issue where higher tiers of Communist upgrades costed resources. Note: Fire
- Renamed the resources to fit the theme.
- Reduced starting enemy Communist force.
- Increased the amount of Zatonuvshiy kolonii required before the dialogue event.
- Ditto with the Homeless Centres.
- Made it so Steve Jobs doesn't use Starke's portrait and sound set (oops).
- Made all of the Corporate Leaders a bit tougher.
- Fixed a bug where the CIA Spybot would spawn instead of the CIA Boss.
- Moved an easy to miss Security Tower.
- Fixed an oversight where the player could wander into the endzone with air units. Note:
Seriously, FIRE TODD.
- Changed the Creator's stats since I'm not allowed to change Ashen's anymore.
- Slowed the outro slightly.
Level 5:
- Added back in the critical story-related part of the briefing. Apparently some parts
of the story were too "confusing" without it, or whatever.
- Incorporated an otherwise intrusive cutscene into the intro.
- Slightly condensed dialogue of aforementioned cutscene to improve flow.
- Moved some locations around.
- Added back in a cut dialogue sequence.
- Improved audio timing in ending cutscene.

*~Version 1.4~*
Global Changes:
- Removed Charlie.

*~Version 1.3~*
Global Changes:
- Added Charlie.
- Killed Kyle in all maps. Note: hey, how'd he get there?
- Removed the custom Ashen's Quest Original Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer in favour of using
copyrighted music.
Level 2:
- Removed a bug from my bedroom. It was a beetle, I think.
- Fixed an exploit where Ashen could avoid being arrested by the player using the Radio
Free Zerg cheat to listen to John Cena's theme song. It's not your time, John.
- Khas removed. Just a note to Crescendo's new interns: yes, I know this mission is
called Aeon of Strife, but it actually takes place several hundred years after the
AoS. You can't just go throwing in any character you want, thanks.
Level 3:
- Removed Starke's porn collection to adhere to ModDB's submission guidelines.
- Wait, disregard that - porn collection should be okay on, checking now.
- Nope, okay, porn is out.
Level 4:
- Fixed a critical bug that allowed a player using the Communists to win.
- Reduced Ashen's stats. Note: Pr0nogo, stop setting his attack to 6969.
Level 5:
- Removed a critical story-related part of the briefing.
- Fixed a bug where this mission had voice acting.

*~Version 1.2~*
Global Changes:
- Reverted back to the version with plot holes. We accidentally lost version 1.1 in a hard drive
crash before we ever put it on the web, and didn't really want to go through it all again.

*~Version 1.1~*
Global Changes:
- Fixed all plot holes. It took a while, but after going through the entire script, we agreed that
something had to be done about it, so we basically rewrote the entire thing from scratch. Half
the original characters aren't even in it anymore.

*~Version 1.0~*
- Initial release.

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