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China Artillery General is brand-new general added to Art Of War mod. Here is his unit-list and changes-list. P.S. some renders will be posted after two or three days, I need to prepare some models.

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Brand-new China general of this mod. General "Hammer" Lee Rong preferes to use might of artillery to wipe his enemies off the face of the earth.

Now goes the Unit-list.
Ground-based vehicles and tanks:
1) Engineering Troopcrawler. The engineering unit, can detect and disarm mines and demotraps. Can deploy usual mines, neutron mines (requires 3 generals' rank) and Anti-tank mines.

2) Battle master. Main battle tank. Can be upgraded with nuclear engine and depleted uranium shells. Can install individual upgrade to replace it's cannon with short-barreled howitzer to increase single-shot damage and attach range (and decrease fire rate). After reaching third veterancy level Artillery General's Battlemaster gains auto loader ant fires three shells in a volley but reloads for longer time.

3) Gatling Tank. First-rank Air defense unit. Can be upgraded with nuclear engines. When reaches third veterancy-level always fire with maximum rate of fire.

4) Dragon Tank. Can burn soldiers on the field and inside the buildings.

5) Troopcrawler. Assault troop transport, armed with small machinegun. Can detect stealthed infantry, mines and demotraps. Gains higher caliber auto-cannon and can attack aircraft units when reaches third veterancy level.

6) Inferno Cannon. First-rank napalm artillery. Can be upgraded with black napalm and additional types of shells: Anti-Tank shells and reconnaissance (or simply radar) shells. Gains second barrel (barrels will be placed vertically) when reaches third veterancy level.

7) Listening outpost. Light reconnaissance vehicle. Can transport 2 soldiers. Detects stealthed aircraft, vehicles and buildings.

8) Ganger (translated to Russian as "Десятник"). Third-rank heavy AT-unit, replaces usual Overlord, requires Propaganda Center. Armed with 250mm cannon which delivers drastic damage to any ground based vehicle or tank, but still this tank is more effective against tanks and vehicles than buildings. Gangers are not protected from infantry or aircraft so you'd better take with them 3 or 5 Gatling tanks. Gains high-kinetic-energy shells when reaches third veterancy level, each shell disables target vehicle or tank because of damage to it's important parts.

9) Tactical Artillery. Third-rank heavy artillery armed with high-explosive shells, requires Propaganda Center. Can be upgraded with additional types of shells: Radiation shells and reconnaissance (or simply radar) shells. Gains tactical nuclear shells when reaches third veterancy level.

1) Redguard. Additionally equipped with Anti-Tank non-guided missile to increase Anti-Vehicle capabilities. Gains higher caliber rifle with reactive bullets (something like bolter in WH40k).

2) Tank Hunter. Rearmed with recoil-less flack cannon. Attacks ground and air targets. Gains frag-splash (increases Anti-Infantry capabilities) when reaches third veterancy level.

4) Hacker. Disable-building ability is cut, but from now Hackers can capture buildings like Redguards
(after research of capture-building upgrade). Internet-center is required to build hackers. The Internet-center itself now requieres only war-factory.

5) Black Lotus. China heroic infantry unit. I've added two abilities: "place artillery strike beacon" and "pace EMP charge".

1) MiG Interceptor. The old MiG are now armed with 4 AA or AT missiles, they capable of destroying single targets, but have very low splash damage. Gains 2 more missiles, better engines and countermeasures when reaches third veterancy level.

2) Q-5 bomber. Armed with 2 napalm bomb-missiles. Anti-Ground only, two jets can create firestorm. Gains one more bomb-missile, better engines and countermeasures when reaches third veterancy level.

3) Ka-27 Helix. Armed with 2 Gatling cannons and two 30mm auto-cannons, can be upgraded with napalm bombs and aircraft howitzers or propaganda speakers and bunker.
Helix can transport up to 5 soldiers or 1 heavy tank (or 1 medium tank and 2 soldiers). Gains automatic grenade launcher instead of auto-cannons when reaches third veterancy level.

Changes in Buildings (compared with old Vanilla China):
1) Bunker is replaced with grenade turret. Provides Anti-ground defense. Consumes 3 points of energy

2) Propaganda tower is replaced with Watchtower. Can be garrisoned with two soldiers. Also used as old propaganda tower. Gains ECM-transmitters upgrade.

3) Nuclear missile is replaced with Suborbital Artillery Complex. It is actually ground-based but fires its strategic artillery shells to very high ballistic trajectory. Requires Propaganda Center and 4 general rank. Consumes 10 points of energy.

Upgrades info:
1) Added "Artillery arsenal" upgrade. Allows Inferno cannon to fire AT and reconnaissance shells. Allows Tactical Artillery to fire reconnaissance and radiation shells. Buildable from Propaganda Center.

2) Added ECM-transmitters. Allows Watchtowers to disable enemies vehicles.

3) Added "Howitzer inplacement" upgrade for Battlemaster. Individually replaces its cannon with howitzer, increases splash effect and attack-range. But decreases fire-rate and accuracy.

Possibly some more upgrades will be added.


how about adding the "excalaver guided artillery shell", it's like an artillery shell but acts like a guided missile.

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very nice, china needed a general devoted to artillery, can't wait

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hmmmm , nice , but i think that each faction should get anti-super weapon defences , and 1 only is buildable for each faction or general , for example :-
1 - China And Generals Gets ECM Field Generator Which Generates A Big ECM Field Around It , Only One Is Build able At A Time , takes 20 power and deflects missiles away And Is Build able For 6000 $.

2 - USA And Generals Gets SDI Cannon Which Destroys Missiles With Other Missiles And Takes 20 Power Points And Is Build able For 6000 $.

3 - GLA And Generals Get A Fan - Based Anti Super weapon defense and Is Build able For 7000 $ due to no need of power.

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No problem , Maybe if you will make new maps and missions , This idea might come in useful.

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I think hackers should stay with only disabling buildings and getting money. Unless the hackers take a while to capture buildings, or not at a distance.

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