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[Discontinued] Sins of the Fallen: Transhuman Archilect Race Overview

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Archailect Colony CapitalShip Scene

A refugee group of infomorphs escaping endentured slavory accidentally discover an abandoned TITAN facility. Planning revenge on an epic scale for their enslavement the Infomorphs refashioned themselves as Archailects with the intent on uploading their enslavors and torturing them for an eternity. However, activation of the unknown facility was not wihout error as the TITANS safeguards activated a Pandora Gate transporting the facility to an unknown universe with no way to return. The Archailects soon turn their attention to new universe discovering it invested with baseline terrans very similar to humans. Offering immortality to the local population was easy as the terrans had not suffered a similar fate as humanity. As the number of infomorphs grew their ability to process information left by the TITANS increased exponentially resulting in the discovery of several schematics for TITAN technology. Archailects have a distinct advantage in battle as they are able to upload themselves at any time. Archailects need to be wiped out from the source or you may find yourself coming up against multiple high level ships over and over as all Archailect ships are all capital class and the expereince is never lost!

Capital Ships

Titan Dreadnaught
Titan ? (Colony Class)
Abilities: Brain Peel, Deploy Light nodes, Singularity Deadlock, Singlularity Phase Cloak, *Upload

Titan Dreadnaught
Titan ? (Battleship Class)
Abilities: Node Swarm, Deploy Long Range Nodes, Sigularity Age, Point Singularity, *Upload

Titan ? (Carrier Class) (Pending)
Abilities: Singularity Blink, Deploy Combat Nodes, Singularity Phase, Deploy Bomber Nodes, *Upload

Titan ? (Siege Class) (Pending)
Abilities: Singularity Strike, Deploy Siege Nodes, Singularity Impulse, Final Protocol, *Upload

Titan ? (Support Class) (Pending)
Abilities: Deploy Scout Nodes, Deploy Repair Nodes, Singularity Blast, Singularity Cooldown, *Upload

Titan ? (Destroyer Class) (Pending)
Abilities: Singularity Surge, Deploy Heavy Nodes, Singularity Slow, Singularity Drive, *Upload

* Upload - Uploads the crew from a previously destroyed capital ship of the same class.


* Can only be spawned from capital ships

Light Node (Pending)
Long Range Node (Pending)
Siege Node (Pending)
Repair Node (Pending)
Heavy Node (Pending)






Hmmm interesting they can upload themselves. Probably one of the most unique races out of all SOTF.

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the hard part is making the little ones look the part. lol SOUNDS FUN!

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Is this an upcoming race to be added to Sins of the Fallen, if so how many more races are being introduced, i noticed images of "Alliance" ships resembling nothing already in the game. This mod never ceases to amaze me, and it is clearly the biggest, with 6 new factions already out.

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