Post feature RSS Ancient Tomes #1: The Story of Newport

The first of four planned feature summaries for the upcoming map, Worry of Newport.

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I awoke, my senses choked by the black depths. This is how my journey started; how it all began...

When it comes down to crafting a story I try to keep people immersed but always at a level not too deep or not too distant from what is actually going on. A decent way to describe the feeling I try to instill is looking through a glass sheet at horrific events on the other side. The player will feel like they're there, watching what is going on, but never truly in danger or in peril. This allows me to have the narrative be completely immersive and gripping without ever giving the player the idea of being afraid.

These basic theories will be put to the test in The Worry of Newport, which tells the tale of a man who awakens drowning outside a ruined colony island. The story will be told in reverse to what is the norm for a video game narrative. As you play through The Worry of Newport you will see audio, visual, and text queues from the player himself, referencing what *you* are seeing as what he has *already* seen.

This unique narrative allows me to engage a suspense of disbelief, it allows me to present a story that already has a conclusion but one you do not know. You, the player, are the person being told the story. The player himself; the guy you control; has already done this. You are living a retelling...

The Worry of Newport will present three locations for you to visit. Each will instill very distinct and carefully crafted atmospheres. I am doing my best to recreate these three areas to be as subtle, original and invoking as possible. A more detailed look at the Levels of Newport will be a future article.

The Worry of Newport is based on my own writings and locations. Newport Colony has been a setting in some of my horror stories, but do not fret, this is not a continuation of any built up ideas or mythos. What you will experience is an original telling, with roots in it's own story. The premise of my mod is not to scare you, but to interest you. The atmosphere is of sadness, doom, regret, darkness and fear.

That is as brief of a premise as I will allow without spoiling what lies underneath. The fabric of The Worry of Newport is what you will make of it, not what I will tell you it is. The basic points are what I can discuss, but the emotions and narratives that lie deeper are for you to discover.

The Worry of Newport will have a chilling location, a unique narrative, and a hopefully involving pacing and game play experience. It is due out by Halloween, 2010.

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