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Dev log focusing on level generation for my PSX inspired horror game.

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The store page for my new game is now live. Wishlist if you are interested here: After Corruption on Steam

Last week I posted a view going over the first prototype I had for a new fixed-camera/tank-controller game. It mainly covers the first attempt at random generation, then the issues and changes to improve the system.

I started off in Blender creating a standard "tile" which I attached camera positions to within Unity. After testing with completely random generation I realized the level was a mess and started building dedicated "rooms" that could be connected together by doors.

Level generation right now consists of:

  • placing rooms
  • placing enemies
  • placing furniture
  • setting wall/floor textures

Each of these elements are still being improved but basic levels are playable now and based on an INT seed to change.

After Corruption - Dev Log 1 - Level Generation on Youtube





Note that the tile model has been an ongoing development. In some images you may notice the tile has "extra" faces creating what look like solid blocks. This started because the original tile was just scaled cubes.

As development continued I wanted to reduce the vertex count and clean up any of walls or floors that were too short/long to match next to another tile. This also helped in the editor because only having one face allows the camera to "see-through" the walls when editing.

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Good work, procedural generation is a lot of fun to write in my opinion, it's also the topic of my focus right now so it's always interesting to see what other people are doing.

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Thanks! Are you working on anything you can reference/show right now?

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