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The entire structure and unit roster for the Adûnaim, Black Númenórean, faction.

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-- Builder

-- Heroes:

---- Ar-Pharazôn

-------- Defiance (L1, Leadership Power)

-------- Call to Arms (L3, Summons 3 Legionary battalions)

-------- Fires of Redemption (L6, 350% Increase in attack)

-------- Cemnaraukar (L9, Summons 3 Ahyaröa)

---- Erë-Cánohatal (Legionary Captain)

-------- Mount/Unmount (L1)

-------- Death Charge (L3, 150% Increase in attack and defence)

-------- Devotion (L6, Passive boost to friendlies’ attacks)

-------- Legionary (L8, Summons 6 Legionary battalions)

---- Erë-Ëarmól (Captain of the Guard)

-------- Switch Weapons (L1, sword/crossbow)

-------- The Persecutor (L2, passive fear in Elendili units)

-------- Whisperer (L5, causes enemy units to turn on each other)

-------- Hands of Blood (L10, kills any human hero)

-- Improvements:

---- Watchers (expands visual range)

---- Steel-Wrought Stone (increases structure health)

---- Blackened Bodies (poisons surrounding enemy units)

---- The Darkness (causes units around the fortress to turn

on each other, healing the fortress with each death)

-- Expansions:

---- Arrow Tower

---- Pyre (wards off enemy units)

---- Mill (generates resources)

---- Wall Hub


-- Level One:

---- Númenórean Warriors

-------- Switch Weapons (L1, sword/shortbow)

-------- (Upgrade) Banner Carrier

-------- (Upgrade) Forged Blades

-------- (Upgrade) Heavy Armour

-------- (Upgrade) Fire Arrows

---- Númenórean Lances (spears)

-------- Ring Formation/Phalanx Formation

-------- (Upgrade) Banner Carrier

-------- (Upgrade) Forged Blades

-------- (Upgrade) Heavy Armour

-- Level Two:

---- Weathered Rangers

-------- Switch Weapons (L1, sword/longbow)

-------- Concealment (L2, blends into trees when motionless)

-------- Longshot (L4, bombard anywhere on the map)

-------- (Upgrade) Banner Carrier

-------- (Upgrade) Fire Arrows

---- Legionaries (half-pike, half-sword, heavily armoured)

-------- Death Charge (L2, 150% Increase in attack and defence)

-------- Devotion (L5, Passive boost to friendlies’ attacks)

-------- (Upgrade) Banner Carrier

-- Level Three:

---- The King’s Blades (mounted, longswords, edition of 3)

-------- Staring Death (L1, causes fear in enemy humanoid units)

-------- Kinslayers (L3, surrounding Elendili units’ defence is halved)

-------- Divine Infection (L5, coerces any non-heroic enemy units in an area)

---- Banner Carriers Upgrade


-- Level One:

----Wretch (unarmed, intense fear effect)

---- Wight (sword)

-- Level Two:

---- Hollow Men (mounted, spears)

-------- Treading the Shadows (L1, fear effect on lower-class units)

-------- March of the Damned (L3, poisons surrounding units)

-------- (Upgrade) Banner Carrier

---- Greater Wight (broadsword)

-- Level Three:

---- Ahyaröa

-------- Dawn of the Dead (L5, kills rise again as half-health wretches)

-------- Death Walks The Earth (L10, all surrounding units die slowly)

Infernal Fissure

(passive) increases CP

-- Level One:

---- Trebuchet

-------- (Upgrade) Reinforced Steel (Increases Trebuchet Armour)

-------- (Upgrade) Flaming Munitions

-------- Bombard (L1)

---- Forged Blades

-- Level Two:

---- Heavy Armour

---- Fire Arrows

---- Alcarinqualë (tr. Glorious Death)

Detonate (L1)

-- Level Three:

---- Morgul Blades

---- Flaming Munitions

Wall Segment

-- (Upgrade) Wall Gate

-- (Upgrade) Wall Tower


-- (Upgrade) Fire Arrows

Black Shrine

-- Level One:


---- Ortacén (L1, Revives low-level humanoids)

-------- Aparuivë (L3, Summons burning souls to the battlefield)

-------- Lilómëa (L5, causes enemy units to turn on each other)

-- Level Two:

---- Shade (support unit, casts offensive spells and heal)

-------- Málë (L1, heals units in an area)

-------- Cuilërwa (L3, throws a ball of fire at an area)

-------- Urtimpë (L5, rains fire upon an area)

-- Level Three:

---- Núlëndil (tr. Friend of the Darkness)

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