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After 8 months of work, I am please to announce the release the first pair, in what I hope will be a series of, Galactic Conquests! Entitled 'Absolute Galactic Civil War' and 'Absolute Imperial War', you will battle across 38 planets to gain control of the Galaxy.

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At 20:00 GMT on Saturday 13th February (15:00 EST / 12:00 PST) I will be releasing my Galactic Conquest mods.

I first started working on this 8 months ago, from knowing virtually nothing about Battlefront II modding, and have been slowly learning and improving on it as I go until at last I feel it is ready to be released. There are currently two Galactic Conquests for you to enjoy, and these are:

- Absolute Galactic Civil War (custom_gc_7)
- Absolute Imperial War (custom_gc_8)

The first is where you play as the rebels, the second as the empire. Other than who controls which planets at the start, they are basically identical bar a few minor tweaks.

Absolute Galactic Civil War Map Layout

Highlights of these Galactic Conquests include:

- 38 unique planets, only 11 of which are stock planets
- Each planet location is correct based on
- Includes 48 maps, including the 3 space maps and 9 stock maps
- Each planet has a unique camera zoom effect
- The Yavin model that plagues most custom galactic conquests has been fixed
- Disabled the enemy team from buying bonuses that will have no effect on them
- Dantooine, Rhen Var and Yavin all have multiple map options

Bakura Planet Model

Sullust Planet Model

I hope you enjoy playing these Galactic Conquests! In future updates, I hope to be able to have multiple Galactic Conquests be available and selectable from the menu. I am also hoping to be able to reskin the planets to give each of them a unique appearance.

If you have any experience in either of these issues and are able to help, please get in contact!

Space Battle over Yavin 4, with Death Star in the background


In order to play these Galactic Conquests, you will first need to make sure you have all of the following mod maps downloaded and in your addon folder. Yes there is quite a lot, but I've gone to the lengths this week of ensuring all are uploaded to Moddb for ease.

'Battlefront 2 Remaster Installer' latest version (contains Bespin) by HarrisonFog:
* At minimum, you need the lastest version of GCW Space, found here:

ADS - Aquilaris: Deep Sea
'Rebel Ops Mission 1' by Maveritchell:

CMT & ILF - Corellia and Ilum
'Natural Mappack' (you only need ILF & CMT, though the others are good too) by TK432:

AOD - 'Pharosis' by A_Speck_of_Dust:

ASL - 'Bakura: Town Assault' by PaNzEr gsp:

CAT - 'Cato Neimoidia (PSP Elite Squadron Conversion)' by Teancum:

CHA - 'Chandrila (Jedi Academy Conversion)' by Teancum:

CX1 - 'Coruscant: Palpatine's Office' by RepSharpshooter:

DKP - 'Dantooine: Khoonda Plains (KotOR II conversion)' by Teancum:

DLC_XBOX & UPDATE_XBOX - 'BF1 Conversions' by iamastupid:

DQ3 - 'Raxus Prime' by -|IC|-Delinquent_GER:

DRB - 'Dantooine: Rebel Base' by Jaspo:

ETR - 'Death Star II (Emperor's Throne Room)' by Maveritchell:

ITT - 'Taris: Into The Sea' by Warlord81 (Maveritchell):

KES - 'Kessel: Infiltration' by the1&only_Dasher:

KTH - 'Kothlis: Sea Haven' by FelipeGabe:

LZX - 'Lotashi Z: X Province' by a_speck_of_dust based on SWBF1 map by ICD3linqu3nt:

MLC - 'Malachor: Ruins' by prichard:

MOS - 'Mos Eisley Spaceport' by Rends:

NEL - 'Nelvaan: Village' by Squeddie (Squipple/Eddie):

NTH - 'Naboo: Theed Hangar' by Koolaid7g:

PDN - 'Dantooine (Elite Squadron Conversion)' by Teancum:

PSV - 'Vjun (Elite Squadron)' by Teancum:

RLS - 'Rhen Var: Monastery' by a_speck_of_dust:

RRF - 'Rhen Var: Ruins' by TK432:

SAL - 'Saleucami (PSP Renegade Squadron Conversion)' by Teancum:

SCF - 'Scarif' by Lee87:

SDA - 'Star Destroyer Assault' by Jaspo:

SRS - 'Sullust (Renegade Squadron conversion)' by Teancum:

THC - 'Thrakia: Par'Vallia City' by bobfinkl:

TRO - 'Tropicanae' by Thunderstorm025:

VFD - 'Virmund: City' by YaNkFaN:

VRH - 'Verrah: Valley' by DaiJigen:

WOJ - 'Rhen Var: Sanctuary' by Xavious:

Space Battle over Death Star

Star Destroyer



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