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Planet Earth is at war! NPC A.I. have been upgraded: enjoy crazy random battles everywhere, an easier combat system with less one-shot kills and a few corrected bugs.

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Planet Earth is at war! NPC A.I. have been upgraded: enjoy terrific random battles everywhere, an easier combat system with less one-shot kills and a few corrected bugs.

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- Combat A.I. update: Each non player character now have a fully independant brain decision and pathfinding systems. They also have sensors to be fully aware of their surroundings. NPCs can try to avoid attacks, turn around their target, attack another ennemies before killing their opponent to help friends... Some can also block attacks or use shields.

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- Emergent battles: NPCs attack each other according to simple rules ( like in the Game Of Life ) leading to epic random battle patterns:

  • Wild animals hunt preys and humans
  • Humans and droids fight each other
  • Mutant monsters try to kill everyone[
  • When attacked, a NPC will fight back the assailant in priority

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- NPCs faint when taking critical damage, and now will fight back right after waking up

- Stats and combat damage system have been improved: more hits with damage, less one-kill deaths. Your avatar is still very weak at start.

- Solidarity: human NPCs will forgive your attack if they fight with a non-human enemy

- Murderer: if you kill innocent citizens, Royal Guards will attack you

- A.I. pathfinding has been optimized with Unity 2017.3 newest features


- Holding attack button to adjust throwing force works again:

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- One-shot kill probability has been reduced

- When target is just right at the top of their head, NPC now step back, let their opponent fall and fight back.

- Rare Swords artifacts damages have been reduced

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Thanks for reading, see you in the future!

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Early access is a tough road. If you can find the players who love your idea and are willing to put up with something incomplete, it can be really helpful. But be prepared for a lot of complainers and bad reviews.

My game is in Early Access, and I have had a handful of good players who "got it" and understood what Early Access means (as it is described in Steam's official documentation), but most people don't think that way, unfortunately.

Good luck in any case!

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I should add - don't assume that the "complainers" are bad. They should be heard and their issues are usually legitimate things you can learn from and address.

If you handle these things professionally, it can enhance your relationship with your audience. If you take things personally (I don't think you do this, but there might be others reading this who can benefit) then you will just alienate more potential players.

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frappastudio Author

Thanks very much this is very kind MKSchmidt. I sent emails to sincerely thank the most demanding "complainers", because even if they seem to be a bit angry, their feedback is a goldmine for me to improve the game. I started 3571 The Game to adapt my comic books alone 5 years ago with absolutely no coding or 3D skills and I'll always be very happy about the result: this game will continue to improve years after years. But I also already started 3 new games, which will be better and better too if I keep listening to all the players, whether they're kind or not with me. :)

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