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A full list of fixes, changes, and additions for the 2018 Dhewm 3 port.

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Below is the full list of fixes, changes, and additions for the Scarlet Rivensin 2018 update!
the update is far from complete, but as you can see the changes are quite large. 

*Arrow Projectiles now stick deeper into surfaces
+All Ruiner weapon pick ups now have an ember fx to catch the eye better.
+Added back in full pda support.
+Added missing loading screen for the unfinished map "Harmony"
+Added in missing Denton mod content not originally used in the mod for proper Doom 3 weapons and maps support.
+Bo Shuriken Ammo now referred to as Nails.
+Player's velocity is no longer a factor to determine weapon spread. Replaced with Walk Aim system.
+Revamped Combo list gui.
+Fixed console warnings related to Icon of Sin
+Fixed many console warnings due to missing textures
+Fixed vanilla D3 console warnings related to Archvile
+Fixed vanilla D3 maggot melee console sound warning.
+Fixed console warnings when walking poltergeiest in maps and not hidden until triggered.
+Fixed vanilla D3 console warnings for id debris shrapnel missing collision boxes and invalid mass
+Fixed hdr lighting resetting every time the game starts.
+Fixed thirdperson camera cvar not always set by default.
+Fixed missing texture issues and warnings for Maledict boss
+Increased Archvile Health to 475
+lowered damage from thrown objects with levitation
+Increased damage caused from throwing ragdolls/dead bodies with levitation
+Added missing decals and damage effects for kick and punch attacks.
+Player's starting weapons increased to fist, levitation, Ruin Bow and the Ruin Blade.
+Side Arms increased from 1 to 4. ( Levitation, Ruin Blade, Fist, Soul Cube )
+Improved Third person Flash light effects.
+Increased damage multiplier for High Kick attack.
+New textures for Soul and Life Shards
+Player no longer starts with the Ruin Bow
-Lowered Damage and amount of time the player is set on fire from enemy fire attacks.
+Player no longer starts with 25 anima... was not needed.
+Life, and ammo shards can now be picked up with the levitation 
+Increased pinky health to 450.
+Fixed vanilla Doom 3 Enemy textures flickering
+Fixed vanilla Doom 3 zombies holding multiple weapons at a time.
+monster friends: Fixed console warnings due to missing sound
+New launch screen
+Re enabled nightmare mode and starting with the soulcube in it.
+New weapon: Assault Rifle added.  Increased power & tighter spread than the machine gun
+Added in game gui console support.  The changes to first person when at GUI consoles.
+Weapon zoom amount while using melee weapons decreased.
+Added and updated 321 dds files.
+60 medium and large static D3 vanilla objects converted to movable for use with Levitation/grabber
     *Yes this does include everything from toilets to the kitchen sink.
+Game ported to Dhewm 3!
	+Better support for modern resolutions and screen sizes
	+64 and 32 support
	+Better sound system
	+Many bug fixes and improvements over the original Doom
	+Multiple operating systems now supported.
	+Source code is now GPL.
        +Support for 4:3 & 16:9 GUIS and videos.  Includes options to strech or letterbox.
+Dhewm 3 related bug fixes:
	+Fixed missing sound effects and errors for all weapons.  When a sound is missing in Dhewm3, unlike the original D3, a beeping sound is made.
	+Fixed having no decal size listed in weapon defs causing assertion warnings.  SDK fix/workaround.
*Head Shot System:
	+Many fixes related to Frozen ragdolls.
	+New and much larger blood splatter particle effect.
	+New head shot sound.
	+D3 Vanilla enemies now support Head shots where possible.
         +fixed kicks, punches, sword and arrows causing explosive head shots. Was unintended.
         +Fixed all explosive weapons causing head shots instead of gibbing.
+Walk Aim system:
	+Holding the walk Aim key will slow the player's movement, but decreases the spread of weapons drastically.
	+Camera will also zoom in while holding down the key.
	+Supports custom zoom amounts per weapon.
*Cross hair and aiming improvements and bug fixes:
        +Increased resolution on many crosshair images
        +Added new style cross hair images for Doom weapons
        +New cross hairs for Ruin Bow and Ruin Blade.
	+fixed bug causing the cross hair to stick to walls when aiming around corners or too close to objects.
	+Fixed projectiles not firing towards the cross hair when aiming too close, too high, or too low.
	+Cross hair position no longer changes per weapon because it is no longer needed.
        +crosshairs now properly change color when hitting an enemy.
        +New cvar added: pm_crosshairorigin.  Fixes crosshair getting stuck when aiming around corners.
        +New cvar added: pm_projectileorigin Forces traces, models and particles tied to crosshairs to fire towards the crosshair
         +New cvar added: pm_crosshairsidescale:  Moves the view origin of the player sideways. This will effect where projectiles are fired from.
+Almost all enemies drop Soul Essence.  
	+restores a little bit of ammo used for Pyrokinetics. 
	+restore a bit of the gauge used for the Telekinetic Shield.
        *Poltergeist, lost souls, and nightmare imps do not drop shards.
+Telekinetic Shield added:
	+holding down the shield key, formerly Zoom key, now creates a shield around the player and stops all damage.
	+Shield gauge very slowly increases over time or more by picking up soul essence from slain enemies.
+Main Menu Updates:
	+New higher resolution  background image.
	+Adjusted gui colors
	+Many more system options added.
        +New button sounds added.
	+Added campaign selection to new game.
        +Added Nightmare mode difficulty selection to Campaign selection screen.
	+Updated controls menu with new binds.
        +New resolution settings. Supports up to 4k.
	+More camera settings and values added.
	+New system option added to strech GUIS for wide screen displays or letter box for 4:3
        +New about section for credits, back story, tips and basic game info.
        +Revamped Reload menu and added video_restart to it.
*Hud GUI:
	+Added support for Doom 3 weapon pick ups.
	-Reduced alpha amount for cross hair images. Easier to see.
	-Removed old "on hit" red cross hair.  No longer needed and was always off center.
        +Cross hairs now turn red when hitting an enemy
	+Added Telekinetic Shield gauge
        +Fixed interact icon popping up at the start of a map.
	+Increased resolution of hud images and cross hairs
	+New cross hair images for weapons that use them.
	+New icons for All weapons
        +Fixed size and position of tool tip box text.
	+Changed weapon slot background colors.  Easier to see the weapon icons.
	+Soul cube ready to use notification added.
        +All side arms now have slots in the hud to the right of the weapon hud wheel.
        +Added support to display objectives
        +4:3 and 16:9 versions of the Hud added.  Game checks aspect ratio and applies the correct one to prevent image stretching.
+Default Config:
	+Added new walk aim binds
	+Added new Telekinetic Shield Binds
	+Added missing bind for combos gui list during game
	+Alt fire/melee attack moved to F
	+Drop weapon weapon moved to T.
        +Levitation now bound to Q
	+Crouch is now bound to shift.
*Item Updates:
         +New textures for Health and Armor orbs
         +Added movable versions of Health, Armor and Anima orbs for Levitation support.
         +Anima item pick ups also restore a lil bit of the gauge used for the telekinetic shield
+Player Model &  Animations:
        +Over 85 animations have been added, modified, and tweaked.
	+Refreshed face textures
        +Added missing jacket straps to belt
        -decreased thickness of belt mesh.
	+Added missing chest chains to jacket 
	+Changed Hair color to Red, and hair improved details.
	+Eyes now glow yellow as originally intended.
        +improved specular & height maps for body
        +Added missing height map and specular map details for boots and gloves
        +Changed color scheme for jacket
        +Improved vertex weights around neck/colar and fingers
	+New aiming animation for Advocate
	+Added and adjusted animations for Many default Doom weapons.
	+All Doom weapons feature support for walking and running torso animations.
	+Added Super Shotgun Animations
	+Added Aim walk animations
	+New strafing and jogging backwards animations.
	+New 2 handed pistol aim and Fire animations.
	+Increased speed of Fist punches.
	+New Ruin blade idle animation
	+Fixed shrinking head bug during high kick animation
	+Added left handed weapon high kick and round house kick animations
	+Added left hand weapon kick animations.  For use when holding weapons in the left hand.
	+Added Chainsaw swinging animation for Melee/Alt fire use.
        +New Telekinetic shield blocking animations for all weapons.
        -Removed duplicate animations from assets.
*Enemy Changes:
        +Fixed Vagery Boss spawning crashing the game. Unfinished script.  Reverted to Vanilla script & Def.
	+Default Doom 3 zombie skins no longer flicker due to missing head shot skins.
	-Reduced Maledict Boss health from 2500 to 2000
	+increased damage for Baron of Hell's fireballs from 30 to 40.
	+increased Baron of Hell's melee damage attacks from 25 to 35
	+increased Guardian's melee attacks damage from 20 to 30
	+increased Guardian's charge attack damage from 30 to 40
	-Reduced Black Cacodemon, Malwraith, health from 700 to 600
        +Increased Pain Elemental Health up to 14000
        +Increased Nightmare Imp health.  Same as Imp Lords.
+Updated, detailed, adjusted colors and increased resolution for the following D3 enemies:
+All weapons can perform the same 2 kick animations the Ruin blade has had.  Same combo:
	+High Kick: hold crouch and press the aim walk key.
	+Round house kick: hold the aim walk key and press crouch
+Onslaught, Advocate and Ruin Bow alt projectiles now damage poltergeist and nightmare imps
	+Effects for projectiles and weapons changed from yellow/orange to blue hues as a visual hint
	*This allows the player to almost always have a way to destroy poltergeist and nightmare imps.
*Doom 3 Weapons:
	+All Doom 3 weapons ported with full third person animation support
	+All weapons support using the interact key to pick ups
	+All weapons feature no reloads.
        +Increased fps of Fists attacks.
        +Replaced hand grenades with Hardqore 2’s grenade launcher
	+Chain Gun damage increased from 20 to 22
	+Chain Gun model texture changed to blacks
	+Chain Gun Heat Sink removed from all models
	+Chain Gun firing sound updated.  Uses the Predator Movie sound
        +Grenades only damage the player if held too long... thrown ones do not
        +Reduced player self damage from rockets by 50%
	+New firing sound for Pistol
	+New firing Sound for Machine Gun
	+Doom 3 Updated Alpha style Shotgun replaces default model and textures.
	+Increased pistol rate of fire and damage
	+Super Shotgun uses a fake reload animation between shots.
	+BFG now fires 3 homing shots instead of one.  No charging required.  Slow firing.  Uses 4 cells a shot.
	+Almost all weapons use Denton's particle effects and light system for muzzle flashes.
	+Updated Many models and animations for support of Firing Projectiles from their barrel.
	+Plasma Gun firing sound changed to Doom 64 firing sound.
	+Machine gun weapon pick up clip size increased from 10 to 24
	+All Doom 3 weapons have a melee attack. the melee/stun attack animation varies for each weapon. Damage also varies.
	+All Doom 3 projectile weapons now feature a flash light.  Press the Arms Key, default reload/r key, to turn on and off.s
*Ruiner Weapon Updates:
	-Reduced Flare spell light size from 900 to 700.
	+All Weapon pick ups now pulse and spin to make them easier to spot.
	+Dropped weapons now pulse to make them easier to spot.
	+Added missing Weapon_ruinbow model... Without it you couldn't add it as a weapon pick up in levels, only as a moveable item.	
	+Enabled Denton's tracer Logic for Onslaught and Advocate
	+Increased speed Onslaught default projectile to 7200
	+Advocate Firing modes reversed
	+Advocate Automatic nails speed reduced to 5200
	+Advocate Burst fire nails speed increased to 7200
	+Advocate Burst fire nails damage increased from 20 to 22
	+Alt fire projectiles for Onslaught and Advocate now use a Glowing FX skin.
	+reduced push of kick and punch attacks damage from 20000 to 10000
	+Ruinbow main projectile damage increased from 42 to 46	
	-Pyrokinetics: Removed large flame particle around player.  Visual spam
	+Fixed pyrokinetics bug where no animation would play if the player was out of ammo.
        +Fixed pyrokinetics flame wall missing sound console warnings.
        +Fixed sound issues with pyrokinetics flame thrower attack not playing properly	
        +Pyrokinetics can now damage spirits. All attack types
        +All pyrokinetic particle effects, fx, player textures changed to blue hues.
	+Player's right hand will now glow and emit particle fx while using levitation
        +New particle effect added for Levitation spell
        +Fixed Onslaught playing it's fire animation during melee attacks.
*Ruin Blade (sword) Updates:
	+Removed from weapon cycle.  Player can now carry 3 weapons plus the Ruin Blade, Fists & Levitation
	+blue glowing effects and light added
	+Changed motion trail colors
	-Reduced Ruin Blade's Push from 25000 to 10000.  Was causing some enemies to go flying too far upon death like they were hit with a bat.
	+Added missing and new damage decals.
	+Backstab attack updated:  less frames, and the player doesn't move as far forward.
	+Dashing thrust length reduced by 4/5.  in return the number of frames for it has been reduced by 10.
        +Revamped Dashing thrust animation.  Fixed blending glitches 
       +Greatly improved/stopped player model clipping through walls at the end of dashing thrust
        +Dashing thrust damage now stops at the proper frame.
	-Removed  duplicate Finishing moves.
        +Directional based attacks when running and walking are now in full effect
        +Added 8 new animations for medium and heavy attacks
        +Player can perform light attacks when standing still, jumping or while crouched. best for small enemies
        +Player can perform directional based medium attacks while running. Best for groups
        +Player can perform directional based heavy attacks while walking. Best for single targets
	+Animation cancelling supported to chain light attacks into heavy or medium.
	-Removed secondary attack.  Was a clone of the main attack
        +Adjusted damage amounts, and enemy stunning amounts for finishing moves.
        +Fixed Ground based finishing moves performing while jumping.
	*All Finishing move commands changed.  Check the controls tutorial for info on how to perform.	
*Map Updates:
	*General map updates: 
		+Fixed nails ammo pick ups not spawning in all maps... entity name wasn't updated. 
		+changed all life & armor drops to movable 
		+Adjusted position of all life and armor drops so they don't fall through the ground during spawn as needed 
		+Increased opening speed of all doors
                +Added objectives and objective screen shots to all levels
                +Added various tips through out the levels.
                +Fixed missing textures console warnings
                +Updated AAS files as a few were outdated
                +Cleaned up unused triggers and scripts
                +Weapons can be found in all maps after first possible acquire in case the player drops them.
		+Weapon pick ups now bob and spin to make them easier to see 
                +Added a few more zombie and skeleton enemies 
		+Moved up malwraith spawn closer to entrace of the area. 
		+Many enemies no longer use the teleport spawn fx. 
		+Added a couple more arrow pick ups 
                +teleporting doors now require the use key to enter
		+Added a few more nails pick ups around the map 
		+Advocate pick up moved up closer to the start of the map. 
		+A chainsaw can be found at the edge of the boss arena. 
		+Changed outdoors music 
		+Replaced morgue zombies with imp lords in outdoors area 
		+Replaced zombies in ruined sanctuary with poltergeist. walking and floating. 
		-Removed dead souls in Sanctuary 
		+Adjusted spawn positions of Baron of Hells and Dead Souls boss fight. 
                +Fixed doors not always opening after the first level trigger
                +Fixed Barons of Hell not walking during cinematic
                +Fixed many enemies remaining idle after spawning in during cinematics.
		+Replaced dead soul and zombie spawns with poltergeist 
		+Added a few poltergeist spawns in starting area 
		+Fixed music stopping when entering a side room in the first area 
		-Removed un-needed sword pick up 
		+Added bow pick up 
		+Replaced trites with cherubs 
		+Nightmare imps are now spawned AFTER hitting the switch instead of on the way 
                +Nightmare imps no longer disappear after hitting the second switch due to the above change.
                +Fixed unreachable ammo pick up near the end of the map.
		+Imps now watch the player in the first major room 
		+Added Ruin Bow and Advocate pick ups at the start 
		+Moved position of Pyrokinetic spawn. 
		-Removed sword and bow pick ups towards the end of the map.	
                +Fixed player being force to aquire pyrokinetics during the simple puzzle.
*BJA's Lost Facility Map updates:
                +Fixed most missing texture console warnings and errors
                +Converted most static props to movable... this greatly effects the game play of the levels.
                +Added player clip brushes where needed due to higher jumping and speeds in Rivensin
                +Hidden a few extra weapons and items around the maps.
                +All items are now movable and can picked up with levitation.
                +Increased strength of normal maps for new textures.
                +Modified loading screen text to fit the Rivensin mod better.
                +Main gates in the intro level now lock after opening cut scene.
                +Removed many enemy clip brushes due to far less unmovable/static objects in maps.
                +Life Bar for the Final Boss is now displayed just like all other bosses in Rivensin.
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