Engine and toolset capable of realizing next generation 2D applications and games. .Advanced rotating/scaling map engine, size limited only by memory. .Point and Spot lights, with bump mapping and per pixel raytraced shadows on everything. .Advanced Post Processing framework with several included FX such as LightShaft, HDR and Temporal Motion Blur. .Scripting via Squirrel. .BlitzMax Module for BlitzMax Owners, or dll + C# support files for .net developers. .Full suite of tools, built right into the code base, allowing you to fully extend them via extended classes. .Advanced RPG Conversation system. .Cinematic Editor for cut-scenes. .Tight integeration with Box2D Physics for both overhead and side on games. .Several built in entity types to make dev'ing your game as smooth and streamlined as possible. .Coming this year.

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To build the user-base and help sales etc, I plan to release a cut back(but still good) version for free. It won't be updated as often or have special svn access like the pro version, but if you consider it an extended trial it makes sense.

More news to come.

I will release the pro version first, but I welcome anyone wanting to wait for the free edition first :)

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