Flight Engine is our proprietary game development engine that we have developed here at Valorware. It was developed completely in-house and is extremely portable. We have two versions of the engine: one for mobile devices and another for PCs. The engine itself was designed to be extremely modular and portable, so the only difference between the two is what graphics, sound, and input libraries are used to handle these tasks. The mobile version utilizes the Marmalade SDK (formerly Airplay SDK) which allows deployment to several different mobile operating systems, while the PC version uses the DirectX and Windows SDKs. Currently, we have released a tech demo which demonstrates some of the capabilities of the mobile engine, as well as a gives a preview of our upcoming game, 9th Dawn. The tech demo can be downloaded for free on the Android Market; simply search for "9th Dawn" and you will find our market page. There is also a link to our market page on our website, www.valorware.com.

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Valorware is proud to announce that we have launched our first official game after many years of hard work, writing and rewriting game engines, and forever improving our coding and development skills. 9th Dawn is now available on Google Play for Android devices (as of November 4, 2012) and has experienced a launch more successful than we had ever expected. We encourage you to try out the demo and check out the game.

In addition to just Android, 9th Dawn will also be coming to iOS, other mobile platforms, PC, and hopefully Mac as well. We are currently running a Steam Greenlight campaign to bring the game to the steam platform in a few months. Check it out at Steamcommunity.com

We also have a very active community over at our forums, which can be found at www.9thdawn.com.. We are very active within our community and are dedicated to responding to every single e-mail we receive and helping our players in any way possible. If you would like to contact us with questions, comments, concerns, bugs, etc, feel free to e-mail us at support@valorware.com or join us on our forums. We are constantly updating 9th Dawn multiple times a week and are moving ever closer to finishing mobile development to continue pushing the PC version forward.

You can follow our development and see the most recent patch notes for our game on either our forum or our Tumblr at Valorware.tumblr.com.

We also have a Facebook and Twitter you can follow which receive all feed updates from our Tumblr as well: Facebook.com and Twitter.com.

We hope you enjoy our game and we will be working hard to improve it for some time to come!

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9th Dawn

9th Dawn

Role Playing

Are you a fan of oldschool RPGs like Ultima, but crave the openness and exploration in modern games? If so, we at Valorware are proud to present 9th Dawn...

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