Fire Frost 2D engine is created using the c# language unlike its brother 3D engine Frost Fire 3D which was created using c language.

Fire Frost 2D has many performance, coding, networking improvements as it was developed after Fire Frost 3D and is still in heavy development the engine will contain a user interface that handles all editing and managing of the product being developed it is being designed to be a simulaur style of the more newer engines which have been released recently

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Knight Update


Knight Update #1

Knight's development is going great most of the programming is complete we have some small bugs here and there but that's nothing we cant squash, in this Update i am going to explain a little about Knight i believe its important for me to explain the game in great detail.

Game Play and Goals

Knight's game play is unique and never before seen in any RTS before. We are thinking outside the box and we will continue to think outside the box. The whole game is controlled by your Hero which you create and customize you will have a choice of many hero skins which u can then add spells to as you level up versing someone on a map, Hero's can build and control the game's progress a good hero isent always a clean easy victory Units are also customizable there is no Set "Race" you pick your units which your Hero will train you have certain units which cost a set amount of gold and food be sure to pick some quick cheap units for early game and strong expensive units for endgame

You have up to 20 spells to choose from and certain buildings that upgrade spells allow you to unlock specific spells (So you have to also pick the buildings u want that will upgrade the spells you need.

The main goal of Knight is to destroy your enemies base before he destroys yours you can play online with 4 people at once and have the option to use computer players

We will include a highly detailed Editor which will allow you to create your own maps and change the game play entirely

Environment and Destruction

One of the most unique possibilities in Knight is World destruction. As seen on the video bellow you can dig up the ground allowing u to plant crops to produce food you can also cut down trees bushes dig mountains make mountains or hills to raise your base allowing you to have a larger advantage

Knight Alpha Game play Footage

Please note: We used Music from War craft 3 as we are currently awaiting new Media from Music Composing Team

Sincerely the MRP Team if you have any further questions or concerns please email me at or you can go to our Homepage at


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Real Time Strategy

Knight is a real time strategy game which focus's on customized hero which controls everything, Customize your hero and Units which your hero trains There...

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