Archive Games is a project to distribute games via the internet in an easy-to-use compact interface. We offer a selection of games you just won't find on other digital download services. We strive to bring you games that are lesser known but still are great fun. These games deserve a chance in the limelight, so give them an opportunity to shine! We think you'll like them :)

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Archive Games Distribution Platform Seeks to Help Independent Developers

Online distribution platform introduces new features to help independent game developers deploy their games.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 13, 2008 – Archive Entertainment has announced the second release of the Archive Games Digital Distribution Platform. The platform's game library focuses on independently made games, which can be downloaded directly using the tool.

The second release includes a streamlined user interface, support for game sales, and the ability to launch private betas using the tool.

Publishing a game on Archive Games is easy for developers, as they only need to provide the game and any available marketing assets to Archive Entertainment. Alternatively, game developers can directly deploy their games using the backend tools which give them total control over the distribution process.

Said Archive Entertainment Owner Robby Zinchak, “We think Archive Games will be a useful asset to independent developers. We want to work together with small teams to help them gain more players and sales for their titles.”

Archive Games is currently available for both Windows and Linux. For more information about Archive Games, please visit

Archive Entertainment is a company that focuses on providing products and services in the sphere of online entertainment, such as digital distribution, downloadable games, and streaming video.

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